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Craig’s List-of-the-Week: Nov. 1

craigslist of week Nov. 1 Arctic Cat El Tigre

ATTENTION: Whomever bought this 1981 El Tigre… the previous owner wants it back.

Actually, he just wants to use it a few times, but just for racing. Seems reasonable.


CLICK HERE for the link to the craig’s post.

(And special thanks to Shane Gerwing for showing me the sweet post.)

On a similar note: To the person who bought the 1994 ZR 440 that raced in the I-500 that year…could you please let me use it at a few ERX snocross races this winter? I promise to beat the crap out of it.



  1. And it was formerly owned by a little old lady from Fourtown, Minnesota, who only drag raced it on Sundays……………………………………….

  2. I almost had diet coke come out of my nose when I read that craigslist ad. I am the one who bought that sled. It was a nice sled. I never even road it last year, just brought it home and put it in the shed under a cover. Maybe I should see if he wants to buy it back! LOL Oh thats right, he just wants to borrow it for a few races!!


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