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Custom 800cc 2-Stroke Arctic Cat Wildcat Sport from Speedwerx

Speedwerx-Arctic Cat 800 2-stroke Wildcat Sport. Photo by ArcticInsider

Speedwerx and Arctic Cat made themselves heard loud and clear a few weeks ago at the Highlifter Mud Nationals in Jacksonville, Texas, at which they unveiled a custom Wildcat Sport powered by a Speedwerx-tuned 170-hp Suzuki 800cc 2-stroke engine from an 8000-Series snowmobile.

Yeah, baby!

Amidst a veritable sea of lifted, jacked, blaring and otherwise custom side-by-sides and ATVs, the 2-stroke Wildcat turned more heads and elicited more dropped jaws than anything else that I saw during my three days there.

The explosion of views, likes and shares on that ol’ barometer of interest we call Facebook underlined the fact that this buggy captured peoples’ imaginations. Yep, it went viral, baby.

So what EXACTLY is this tire-smoking beast that Speedwerx built, and what’s its future?

The project started as a 2016 Arctic Cat Wildcat Sport. While Speedwerx could have given the stock 60-plus-hp 700cc 4-stroke some added horsepower, they wanted to go wild with something that you don’t see among the 10,000-plus people at events like Mud Nationals. Enter the 800 2-stroke twin engine.

Speedwerx-Arctic Cat 800 2-stroke Wildcat Sport. Photo by ArcticInsider

With 160-hp class performance stock, the 800 2-stroke would already more than double the hp of the stock Wildcat Sport engine. But we’re talking Speedwerx, so no engine is going to be left stock. On went their ceramic-coated Fat Daddy single pipe and L2 stainless muffler, which added 10 hp and dropped 15 lbs.

The Wildcat’s stock CVT system was swapped with a TEAM Rapid Response/Reaction clutch combo from a snowmobile and was further tweaked with a Speedwerx clutch kit to gather all 170 of those ponies.

Speedwerx-Arctic Cat 800 2-stroke Wildcat Sport. Photo by ArcticInsider

The engine/clutches required custom motor mounts; hand-built aluminum clutch guards/covers; and a custom aluminum air box/snorkel kit, all fabricated by Speedwerx. Arctic Cat supplied a custom transaxle to transfer the power from the driven clutch shaft to a Speedwerx-built, 7-in. custom driveshaft (while also providing F-N-R transmission).

Power and drivetrain complete, Speedwerx needed some additional space to accommodate the intake of the 800 (plus the 170 hp would be a bit too wild in a stock Wildcat Sport) so they stretched the frame 7 in. longer.

Speedwerx-Arctic Cat 800 2-stroke Wildcat Sport. Photo by ArcticInsider

Putting that power to the ground are SuperATV Exterminator 30-in. tires (with bead locks) wrapped around cast aluminum Method wheels. Of course it’s been lifted (3-in. SuperATV kit), with spacers added to bring the overall wheelbase-width back to stock numbers.

Other custom touches include an Arctic Cat Accessories roof; LED Light Bar; a radiator from a Wildcat X; wireless Warn winch; and a bass-pounding Stereo Kit.



Speedwerx-Arctic Cat 800 2-stroke Wildcat Sport. Photo by ArcticInsider

According to Speedwerx, the final machine is roughly 100 lbs lighter than stock. Matched with its 170 hp, this baby absolutely shreds. I can attest to the incredible acceleration, intoxicating sound and blazing speed.

Yes, Speedwerx can build you one and yes, they can add even more schwing via additional engine upgrades (including their Supercharger kit that will produce over 300 hp while maintaining the 800cc size engine). Conversions to a machine like this start at around $15K. There’s a lot of variables in a build like this, so if you’re interested then contact Speedwerx to start the conversation.

In the meantime, you can see this beauty in-person at select events during the coming months, including Rally on Rocks in Moab May 10-14, as well as the Highlifter Mudnational event in Hill City, Minn. June 10-12.

Oh, and I should note: Speedwerx is currently building two more 800 2-stroke powered Wildcats with a Baja-intent. I’ll be visiting them soon to shoot pix and see what they’re all about. More goodness to come!


The build:


Suzuki 800cc H.O. engine with EFI and APV electronic exhaust valves, with

*Speedwerx ceramic coated fat daddy single pipe (adding 10 hp & dropping 5 lbs. compared to the stock pipe) 

*Speedwerx L2 stainless steel muffler (10 lbs. Lighter than stock) 

*Speedwerx clutching/tuning 

*TEAM Rapid Response and Rapid Reaction BOSS clutches 160 hp stock 

*Hand-built aluminum clutch guard/cover 

*Custom motor mounts 

*Custom hand built aluminum air box and snorkel kit by Speedwerx 

*Custom transaxle/rear differential by Arctic Cat 

*7-in. custom drive shaft by Speedwerx 

*Premix oil 32:1 with 91 octane pump gas 

*Pull-starting, baby!



*Stretched frame

*Powder coated roll cage

*Method wheels with black lug nuts

*SuperATV Exterminator 30-in. tires with bead locks

*SuperATV 3-in. lift kit

*SuperATV wheel spacers 


Extra Bling and Bang

*Arctic Cat Accessories Stereo Kit with 4 speakers, 1 amplifier/sub woofer, with custom mounting 

*Marine-sized deep cycle battery with custom charging system to accommodate the 2-stroke engine 

*Warn winch with wireless remote 

*Arctic Cat accessory roof 

*Arctic Cat accessory LED Light Bar 

*Arctic Cat Wildcat X radiator with custom mounting



  1. Now THIS is the kind of stuff that many of us remember seeing out of Arctic Cat and it’s partners like Speedwerx, what a cool build! Keep up the good work Arctic Cat (and Speedwerx)! It is starting to feel like you guys have your foot planted firmly on the accelerator once again, I’m glad to be along for the ride!

  2. Zscape: Prices start around 15k for the conversion. Lots of variables and options, so it’s best to shoot Speedwerx a call to learn more.


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