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Feb. 20 Blizzard Brought to You By…

After last week’s gut-wrenching thaw that left snowmobilers in a puddle of angst, Mother Nature rebounded with a 14-in. snowfall where I live in South-Central Minnesota.

This storm was brought to you by…



  1. It ain’t over yet ! We still have time to get in a ride together John. Get a hold of Tom Rowland and let’s do it. How’s the book coming ?

  2. The book needs me to quit everything else for a month and concentrate…LOL.

    Which isn’t going to happen, so I’m jammin’ at all hours and crossing my fingers!

    I’ve got a couple weekends of travel planned, after which I’d love to go for a scoot with you, Tom and anyone else. (BTW, I really missed out on not attending Tom’s consumer ride a month ago…I was in the middle of a huge work project. Knew I’d see you, bummed it didn’t work out.)

  3. Hey neighbor, let’s go riding sometime, again. The ditches are ready and wait’in! Unfortunately, the trails are like early season riding, again. No base….A little time available for a ride today so, I went for a “spirited” rip up to PL, via HWY 13 and back, today. In-freaken-credible!

  4. Yea…I’ll go for a spin on our newly fallen snow! Hopefully ArcticInsider will bring us another heavy snowfall, or two, in the next 30 days.

  5. Todd: Cal and I rode to Veseli for pizza last night, ditch and trails. Agree about conditions being like early-season. LOTS of drift busting… absolute blast.

    What I loved about this blizzard, was that it was an event. It dominated the better part of two days, completely affecting people and their daily routine.

    Tom: I’ll make it happen.

  6. John,
    As long as you’re handling the snowstorms could you please slide them north about 100 miles ?
    Thanks in advance. I’ll be ready when you guys contact me to ride.


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