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First Look – Arctic Cat Launches New Alterra 600 EPS 4×4 ATV

Im pretty excited about the all-new Alterra 600 EPS 4×4 models. Ive said this on the snow side, but Im happy to see Arctic Cat engineering new product. Seeing this new Alterra gets me fired up about the brand, and makes me want to throw a leg over one…RIGHT NOW!

Below is a first look at the All-New 600s. Next week Ill be sharing more info on these units as well as an interview with Trenton Munsell, Arctic Cat Director of Product Strategy, Dirt. We talk about the development of the new Alterra and Trenton sheds some light on the current ATV market. Anyway…

2022 Alterra 600 LTD

The all-new Alterra 600 ATVs have been rethought from the ground up to be one of the most formidable ATV offerings in the 2022 Arctic Cat line-up. The new chassis has been performance-engineered with a lower center of gravity and nod to narrow ergonomics so the rider can push the Alterra further than ever – easier. The Alterra gains speed and responsiveness via an entirely new 600cc single-cylinder, EFI engine backed by a new drivetrain and performance-spec clutching.  


If you’re looking for options in a top-of-the-line 4×4, with high-end styling and performance to match its impressive presence, the Alterra 600 has four trim levels. Choose from the Medium Green Base model with 12-inch stylized steel wheels and 25-inch tires, steel front and rear racks, dual-halogen headlights and Electronic Power Steering (EPS).

2022 Alterra 600 EPS Medium Green

Or, jump up to the Phantom Grey XT which adds aluminum rims and a premium front bumper. 

2022 Alterra 600 XT Phantom Gray

Crank up the standard luxury features with two premium models – The LTD with LED accents in the dual-halogen headlights, stylized over-molded front and rear racks with non-slip surface, 14-inch aluminum rims and 27-inch tires, premium front bumper and 3,000lb WARN winch.

2022 Alterra 600 LTD

The premium SE goes two steps further with front and rear rack extensions and Phantom Grey bodywork. 

2022 Alterra 600 SE    


An all-new performance-engineered chassis, with lower center of gravity and near perfect weight-distribution, has revised double a-arm front and rear suspension geometry, boast 9-inches of travel, and are positioned on the chassis for precise handling and ultimate all-day ride comfort. 

The 2022 Alterra 600 has an all-new chassis

Class-leading power comes from an equally new, engine built at Arctic Cat’s world class facility in Minnesota. The 45-hp, 600cc, single-cylinder EFI engine has a lighter weight, more precisely balanced crankshaft to reduce vibration and quick engine response.

All-New 600cc engine built in Arctic Cat's St. Cloud, MN facility

New CVTech TrailBloc clutches provide the smoothest take-offs for towing and hauling workloads, but when its playtime, the performance-spec clutching reacts quickly for pulse-racing throttle response, rivaling larger big-bore models.

Redesigned Alterra bodywork pays homage to the past, but challenges design innovation with narrow styling, enhanced bodylines and simplistic snap-fit body panels gain quick access to the engine compartment.

The lowered rider placement center of gravity evolves Arctic Cat’s trademark ride-in performance and leads the industry with 12.25-inches of ground clearance. Electronic power steering aids in mastering the corners with fatigue-free handlebar input. Bodywork and seat design are narrow where it counts throughout the cockpit – your knees, legs and hips will thank you after a full day of spirited riding. Spacious floorboards provide freedom for your feet to maneuver, and the single header exhaust is engineered down the center of the Alterra, exiting out the rear of the machine to direct heat away from the rider. 

WHY TO BUY: Alterra 600 EPS 4×4

Arctic Cat took the time to performance-engineer a new Alterra built to satisfy the bulk of ATV owners. The all-new Alterra 600 has a sport performance riding nature, but isn’t afraid to work, and it won’t disappoint in either aspect.    



  1. I’d ride it! 12.5″ ground clearance on 25″ tires? Throw some 27s on and send it!
    Make a mudpro version arctic cat!

  2. Well the vast new vehicles I have seen are gray (this is not primer gray in any way) TP. You need to grow some better taste in colors maybe?

  3. Just me or does anyone else see a bit of a throwback design to the Bearcats? Kale, got any insight into designers? I think they did an excellent job. Can’t wait to see them in person.

  4. Seeing new Arctic Cat products like this Alterra puts a little more belief in Textron for me. I hope they continue to invest in R&D. They have the firepower to truly be a player in the industry and it seems like they’ve finally got the right leadership in place to do so.

  5. Nice looking units and Im ready to buy. Any idea if there will be a camo version of the LTD? When are these arriving at dealerships?

  6. My guess is the styling was supposed to mimic the havoc/stampede, and development was too far along to change it, when they decided to kill off those machines.
    The engine is interesting, but I don’t understand making the oil pan/tank so low. Making it remote would allow the engine that much lower in the chassis

  7. Krom, I suspect the engine design will make more sense once we can see it with the transmission/rear diff. The engine is way back with the transmission sitting pretty much on top of the rear diff. The oil pan only goes half way across and it looks like they needed the space below the engine for the front prop shaft.

  8. J.J I was looking on Trackers site and they have a base version of the Alterra 600 in Camo. Honestly though it looks like dogsh*t. Good news for us Cat guys though.LOL

  9. I find it funny how this group gets all lathered up over a 45hp single-cylinder four stroke quad, but AC introduces a 65-hp single-cylinder two stroke in a snowmobile that weighs half of this ATV and its power is considered for kids only.

  10. I like the looks especially the tan LTD on the 14-27s. The chassis seems like a big improvement over the XR, and the new engine seems competitive in its class. Still needs a front locker and the rear end would look better with dual tail lights. Curious to see what gauge cluster they are using or maybe they are still working on that. Fingers crossed for an 850 or 1000 or both to be released later this summer. Glad to see something new from cat because it give me a little hope that textron is starting to put their foot on the gas!

  11. When? or if ever? will cat/ textron finally install a 3rd headlight on the bars like the rest of the industry
    Ive been waiting for yrs. and yrs. For them to do this and promised myself i wont buy one until they update this simple item.
    It would sure help to see where u want your quad to go while turning ,
    instead of where the quad is,
    And it looks bare/missing up top on the handlebars without it,
    It seems like such a huge oversight that is missed every year!
    With that said…
    I still love arctic cat

  12. I’ll respectfully disagree about handlebar mounted headlight. Maybe it improves looks, but it’s useless and in the way when hauling stuff on front rack. Personally, I carry a lot of stuff up there into our deer camp.

  13. Bass Pro has their versions up on the website.
    They are the exact same machine, for less money, have camo available, and offer an even cheaper version without EPS

  14. Actually Krom, Cat is $100 cheaper than the Tracker with EPS. Cat comes standard with it. You also have to add a mandatory destination charge to the Tracker where at least my cat dealer waves this.

  15. JimR,
    You might have been looking at the camo one. Tracker sells the eps version in red or white for $7,999 US

    I don’t understand why they don’t put different plastics on the 2 brands to differentiate them.

  16. Good to see anything new on the dirt side. Wasn’t the 550 H1 @40 HP in 2009??? Rotax 570 is 48 HP, and 650 is 62HP, so not exactly setting the world on fire there.

  17. Kale: You know the question is going to come up. Why no locker on at least the upper end models. Seems like it is totally missing from the ATV line up?

  18. Well TP, lucky for you the base model is Green. Option it up to your liking. I am going SE myself when I take the plunge. Colors mean nothing to me in the whole scheme of things.

  19. Is this thing a REAL Arctic Cat, or a Kymco with Arctic Cat stickers?
    Performance spec clutching? Hopefully the clutches don’t break before 300 miles, like the ones on my buddy’s 2018 Alterra 500 did…
    I also see they finally put hub caps back on, again, unlike my buddy’s 2018…
    That grey looks more like a silver to me. I like silver.
    Not crazy about the blue bumper, but that can be easily removed and powdercoated, unlike a dynamic gray tunnel…
    45hp is only 3 less than the Can Am 570, but a 600 single IS lighter. HP to weight ratio is therefore better.
    Ah, CVTech clutches. That’s better. They WILL last longer than 300 miles!
    All in all, not bad. Now, how about an 800 and 1000, with LOTS of meat left in the bores?
    You said it Krom. Not to mention, that helps oil cooling.
    Zed, that engine will NEVER see ATV use. The EPA will make sure of that.

  20. Can’t wait to look one of these over! 45hp is better over 41.2hp on the 700 moves it up in comparison to other brands. Locker will be a deal breaker for some. Wish it was an option.

  21. The way the oil pan is configured sure looks like another cylinder would fill out the strange off-set configuration…my guess is they have a two cylinder version 800cc and 1000cc but will only put out a 800cc version on ATV’s. Likely this engine will replace the Webber engine as it was designed as an industrial engine and is too heavy and the flywheel is huge.

  22. If arctic cat made an 1000 mud pro again I would definitely be picking one up.

    Most of the riding I do is water, mud and rocks. And one of my least favorite things to do is pull off the rad cover and fan and clean the rad almost every time I ride. Trying to find lakes to drive into while overheating on the trail gets old fast.

    I am sure this new 600 will be a lot of fun and I hope to try one at some point!

  23. THIS IS AWESOME!!! Something new! i want to try one out alright but my nearest dealer wont get them until july! I need one right now to take off for some camping ??

  24. I think what most people are missing, is the fact that Arctic Cat is building their products, or at least some, from what I understand in the United States and NOT in China or other Asian countries. That is the best part for the American people and work force , jobs staying in America, even though I live in Canada. Take that most important win, and continue to be proud of the Made In America products.


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