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First Snow at Arctic Cat this Morning

A nice first dusting of snow at Arctic Cat for the winter of 2013-14.

There was a nice dusting of snow in Thief River Falls, Minn., this morning, adding the perfect highlights to the sign that hangs at Arctic Cat.

Thanks to Mandi Hibbert for capturing and sending the image.



  1. hope they are building better quality sleds than my 2014 rr is.I have not even got to ride it yet and I have rust under front bulkhead rivets 14 grand for that.

  2. You will be the laughing stock of everyone that looks under your rivets under your bulkhead.

    I hate it when that happens.

  3. The doo guys wont be laughing when there etec blows at 1100 miles and there nun and “bulkhead” have been replaced multiple times at there expense…you made the right choice rusty rivets and all!!

  4. yea I love the looks of my sled but the quality sucks for over 12g there should be no rust anywhere dealer did submit pictures to cat its just a shame seems like they could care less about quality as a business owner if I operated that way or went to their factory and did work like that I would be out of business. I still don’t understand why the rivets are rusting when it just was put together by dealer I hope someone at cat is reading this doo may have issues but the are number 1 and to me cat has potential to take that spot, always like to support small company’s like cat but with products like this and the money we all spend it make me want to start looking at a different company.

  5. Matt,

    I would recommend you change brands as soon as possible. Your rivets are the result of a new and apparently successful effort by Ski-Doo to use a device that controls space weather and solar activity, disruputs the natural molecular structure in ferrous metals, and causes premature oxidation of rivets located only underneath the front of the bulkhead. Their goal must be to create enough structural fatigue so that on the first ride your machine will break in half. If it effects enough machines, they can effectively bankrupt Cat with enough warranty issues and acquire that market share. We should have all seen this coming knowing that they have an aerospace division as well.

  6. that’s funny and for all we know true but I don’t think cat needs doo to help with their problems looks like they are doing fine by themselves its called I don’t give a ****, paycheck on Thursday and sell, sell ,sell, slap them together and get them out the door to the consumer I would love to have a few minutes of a time with a rep or better yet the idiot putting this together.

  7. I have 7 cats total, love them all. My newest is an 01 ZR800, it has been a GREAT sled from day one (2001). Plan on buying another this year or next. Only because of the age my 01 is now.

    The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence! It’s greenest on CATS

  8. @AllenO, thats funny.

    @m-rider, I think this guy just a pot stirrer, thats why I made the comment I did because I quite simply cannot take his comments seriously. My brother works as a salesman at a snowmobile dealership (one of, if not the largest Doo dealership in the USA), and quite honestly, customers who get on internet article comment sections and complain about their product and say things like I “want to spend time with the idiot putting the machine together” are customers they don’t even want on their product because that is just low class and thats being part of the problem, not the solution. If he is serious, which I cannot believe he is, hopefully he switches to Ski-Doo like he’s threatening, at least he can still go to D&D to get go-fast parts for it…

    I ride a ’13 CAT by the way, I don’t not like the other brands, I just like the fact that if I have a problem, Cat has always stood behind their product for me, I have even called the factory with the dealership before and had issues handled or gotten some more information on the product, attitude gets you a long way.

  9. Hey Derek I m not trying to stir up the pot. Besides having rust on rivets there is rust on a arms and on rear suspension torsion springs now its far from a rusty old car but its also brand new, maybe you have a money tree growing in you’re lawn we all spend a lot of money on these sleds and I don’t know about you when I spend 13 grand on a sled I would like to have some quality and I am sure the other three manufactures have issues. I wonder if you spent 40k on a truck and it had rust or a paint defect if you would be upset. Yes we do not live in a perfect world but lets face it we only have a few months to ride and enjoy these machines and when I worked all summer saving for my sled it should look new cause it is new and no I never believe in all the forums I read I have a great dealer who submitted a claim and it will be handled. I work in a field where I see people who don’t care about what they do and its a shame you should take pride in all you do. Guess what I am saying is I hope cat listens and puts more quality in their product.

  10. Matt, do you stop to think that maybe the corrosion did not happen while it was being built, but rather being shipped and sitting out in a crate when it is humid outside during the summer months??? We live in a humid climate and eventually no matter what something will rust. just saying. I think there should be other things to worry about than some surface rust on your machine.. which will probably wear off the first ride anyway.

  11. M-rider yea that is a possibility but my 12 sat in a crate for some time no rust and not one issue with sled was just starting to rust underneath suspension when I sold it. Hopefully my 14 will be as dependable other than the rust which I no is not a big deal to some guys on here but I am fussy and take care of everything I own just cost a lot for recreational vehicles and money comes by hard.

  12. Matt, I bought a 60K truck with rust on some of the undercarriage, transport like m-rider says is an issue. You know what I did, I asked the dealer if I could have a really reduced price on an undercoating job to prevent it from getting worse. A 100 bucks later I moved on and the dealer was happy I thought of a unique solution and didn’t complain. I normally buy leftover snowmobiles that sit a season in a crate, oxidation occurs on just about every sled I purchase to some degree, if it’s somewhere I don’t think it should be, I have a discussion with the dealer, I don’t bring it up and on a discussion board and badmouth the brand. I have saved a lot of money on a spare belt and a gallon of oil by just being nice to the dealer about it, they appreciate the sale.

  13. Derek everyone has a voice and by speaking about some of the issues that I have with my sled I hope it makes cat give us better products. Most of the guys I ride with have doos and love to give me crap they all tried my 2012 turbo and were impressed and some may even buy a cat but all have the same issue quality and im not saying doo doesn’t have issues fit and finish is better hoping Yamaha brings some of that to cat. As for the 60k truck undercoat covers up rust hope dealer prepped frame and didn’t just seal over it my friend owns a undercoating shop and recommends having it done once a year. I have talked to several riders last year that had issues with cat and like I said if we all voice concern hopefully products will get better believe me I would rather see cat number 1 over doo when I am the only cat guy in our group I take a lot of grief.

  14. m-rider yea it just frustrates me to see rust on rivets,a arms and under rear suspension on a new sled that hasn’t been ridden yet for the money the sled cost. We own a small construction company for over 41 years and the quality of some of the material out there is terrible we fight all the time with our wholesalers about material they get from their venders just seems like we have become a throw away society. I just believe when a customers spends money they get the most for it guess I kinda think old school.

  15. The undercoating is working fine, they use a third party undercoating shop and those guys want to stand by their work. Take pictures, work with your dealer, if that doesn’t work, call the factory directly, they are awesome! I was on the snocross race program for 6 years, haven’t raced in 8, I can still call there and get help even. I own a ’13 mountain sled and I am sure you’ve heard of the issues with clutch heat, etc. we have experienced and both my dealer and the factory have been awesome and helped covered things that were in the questionable realm because they want a happy customer. I find it nearly impossible to believe if you don’t approach these people with some reasonable concern they won’t go to bat for you. Bless you for standing by your work in construction, I work in the oil industry doing a lot of mechanical piping work and it’s tough losing bids to companies who use sub-par products and sacrifice quality, it’s a very competitive market. Good luck getting your issue taken care of.

  16. Derek I am sure my dealer will go to bat for me and do all they can do just hope cat hears some of these issues and tries to put out an even better product for us the consumer. Like I said just gets very frustrating dealing with imperfections when you buy new no matter what product it is. I just really love this sport and enjoy the few times I get to ride and hate to see issues with something we spend a lot of money on hopefully there will be no issues other than what bothers me now with the sled and it will be a great winter and problem free.

  17. I appreciate the posts on this thread. Thanks for keeping it civil guys.

    I can appreciate Matt’s perspective, as well as the perspectives that others have shared.

    Matt, I’m clear about where you stand on this stuff. Favor to ask: Once your dealer/Cat have responded, if you’re willing, I’d like you to send me a personal email and let me know how it unfolded. (Just scroll down to the bottom of any page and click the Contact Us link.) If you do so, please also attach a few pix showing the rust.

    I hope everything works out.

  18. Thanks John I sure will let you know how it turns out with some pictures just hope Cat here’s everyone that has some issues with quality and steps up their game would love to see them in the top spot.

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