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Follow the Rob Kincaid 103 Sled Build/Giveaway

For me, its so cool to see a tribute snowmobile being built for Rob Kincaid, by his longtime friend and mechanic, Jason Nethercott, and riding buddy, David McClure. The list of Rob’s longtime sponsors contributing to the build are a long one! For some lucky fan, you’ll be able to win this custom built 2021 M8000 Alpha.

One lucky fan will win this 2021 Mountain Cat M8000 Alpha One being built for Rob Kincaid Tribute Giveaway

Details on how to win will be coming, and Ill share on these pages, as well as ArcticInsider’s social media pages. For now, follow along on David McClure 150 Facebook and Instagram pages.

Jason Nethercott has this Alpha all stripped down

A couple photos of the Mountain Cat Alpha One stripped down by Jason Nethercott, and awaiting some trick new parts!

If you arent familiar with Jason’s work, here are a few photos to get you lathered…

Below are the list of Sponsors contributing to the Rob Kincaid Giveaway build. Thank you all!!

Chick-fil-A Ammon
Kimberly Kincaid
Riley Kincaid
David McClure 150
Ace Powder Coating



  1. I hope Dave and Rob’s family are doing well. I wish them the best. Kale how about a story on Dave and Riley? This is going to be a great build.

  2. Man what a great tribute!
    I love this build!
    Too many legends are lost in this sport, but the tracks just have to keep in spinning.

  3. This is going to be a really special machine to one lucky individual! I literally canā€™t wait to see & watch the progress on this unit, not to mention the blood,sweat & tears that will go into this sled! It will be nothing short of being a a complete beast on the snow thatā€™ll make you say ā€œweeeeeeeeeeā€ ! I never had the pleasure to meet or know RMR but I am a huge fan of his & always will be! Iā€™m sure heā€™s giving the boys and sponsors a great big smile and ????????! #cheers #articcat #catblood #RMR

  4. Got a chance to meet rob and Dave. Great people to converse with. Hope Robā€™s family the best and that they all are doing well. This build will awesome.

  5. Rob Kincaid and David McClure are the guys I have always looked up to growing up and they are not only professional snowmobiler s they down to earth genuine guys who have a lot of fun and live life to the fullest every day. That’s Bad Ass


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