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An Inside Look at Arctic Cat Fan Caves

I recently asked AI Facebook Followers to post photos of spaces dedicated to the brand they love…the photos were amazing! Enjoy.



  1. wow!

    next month can we see pictures of them actually being ridden?

    in other news, HCS has been destroyed by a non-sledder meglomaniac

  2. Some awesome sled collections but the memorabilia some of these guy have is unreal. As a collector of Snowmobile Memorabilia in general I have to say Arctic Cat was just the BEST at pumping so much cool stuff to collect over the years. I used to try to collect all brands but at some point realized that was a little too overwhelming so I did part with much of my Cat Collectibles. I sold the signs at the 50th and am kind of sorry I parted with them seeing these pictures. At the time I sold them I thought I might have had them all.

  3. CAT lovers are THE MOST passionate, brand loyal sledders out there.
    It shows right here. Go to a snowmobile show/race/swap and see who proudly wears their colors,, its not blue, yellow or red. Been that way for MANY years.

  4. It sure is a mighty good feeling with the Cats! It is also for sure year after year is the Cats! I have never seen any collections like this with other brands. Nope. Any beat the system? Nope, sure the Cats beat the system. (Ok, I put together all of the Arctic Cat’s famous slogans together). Ha. Now I can say I thumb up both my thumbs!


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