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Got the I-500 XC on My Mind Today

Team Arctic's Dan Ebert winning the I-500

Here’s Ebert on the last day, prior to the first fuel stop and before inheriting the lead from D.J. Ekre.


Up close and personal

Nothing compares to the up-close-and-personal aspect of the I-500.



There’s a rugged, almost-lonely beauty to this race. Often you’re in the middle of nowhere, chasing down the snowdust of some rider in front of you.


Arctic Cat legend Roger Skime

Roger Skime, on the way towards Thief River Falls on the second day. For some reason I love this shot.



  1. Because there was open water spots a little further down if thats the section I think it is! lol

    you crossed the road, headed down that trail and into the swamp, came out onto another road then dropped down into a deep drainage ditch, went under highway 32 then onto the river.

  2. Considering the conditions, the single ply camoplasts held up pretty well (even with the ones that did fail), Hmmmmmmmmmm, wonder if a couple clowns from HCS have seen this?

  3. see that, too. I’ve seen some great gift ideas on my “must read” gluten-free blogs aldaery (like this one, which makes me think of George


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