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HOW TO: Decipher Marketplace Snowmobile Ads

Im seeing reports of snowmobile sales up all around the country. If you are in the market for a used buggy, here’s a great conversion chart when navigating Marketplace Ads. Good Luck.




  1. This is fitting. Went to look at a 95 ZR580 this weekend. Guy tells me on phone that it was a great sled and “everything’s there”. Show up to look at it and everything was there, just in two different buildings. Walked away from that one. What a waste of time.

  2. Wow, Sam, sure was a waste of time. Be sure to report the ad where you saw it.

    Please do not trust those on Craigslist or similar type of online classified ads.

    Please be sure they show picture of the sleds, and great idea to get the vin number on there and even ask owners to show themselves on cam and show the sled BEFORE you go over to their place OR have them to bring to a public safe neutral grounds which is getting more common in towns such as by the police departments so that it will make scammers be scared of selling scam stuff or even stolen sleds right close by. That will cut down wasting your time. Honest ones will do all that for you and you will be a happy buyer. If your local dealer has used sleds, go for it. Be sure that dealer or dealers have excellent reputation or good one through BBB or even social media such as Yelp or Angie’s List. There, I put a lot more detailed on safety with shopping. Those words above are atypical with hawkers of modern day. I wonder if there are such thing like they do with cars– car fox that you can check those sleds’ history.

  3. “it ran when we parked it” good stuff! ” Mint” used way to much! oh ya it’s fun to see something and how they see it through their eyes sometime…

  4. I love when they say it has a fresh top end… which really means they slapped in some aftermarket stuff and want to sell it before it blows up again.

  5. Good one Kevin…and one Im always cautious of! Fresh top end, not even broke in yet. Yep, cuz you’re afraid its gonna blow again. LOL.

    Dave – “Mint” is a good one too. My idea of mint, versus yours, versus the next guy are all different.

    Sam/Marco – I think we’ve all had those situations. (Unfortunately) I study the pictures quite closely. A lot of times photos are sent when the sled was new in 1995, so it looks quite nice, versus what you see upon arrival.

    A recent sled I looked at, “Seat is nice. No rips.” I should have taken photos as there were two areas where seams pulled apart that were restitched and one rip on top of seat covered with black speed tape. Hahaha!

  6. It amazes me the amount of people who can’t spell ARCTIC Cat correctly. Like the cover photo listing. I also look at photos closely, and most times its not the actual machine Im interested in that I pay attention to…its the background setting. If there is crap and junked vehicles laying all over in background, I won’t even inquire. If its a photo taken in a clean, epoxied floor shop, you know it was probably taken care of.

  7. My favorite are the guys that claim “low miles” yet wont list or show a pic of the mileage. Another good one is “All U.P. miles”. Ive been to the U.P. and probably abused my sled more on the moguls up there than anywhere else. This year has been extra special with everyone asking big money for JUNK.

  8. Kale, 2022 yamaha teaser show small amount of a 2022 yamaha. Appears to be an arctic cat pro3cross still. And on the hood u can see the words power steering. I’m praying that this isnt all that’s new in 2022. Power steering will add weight to an already heavy machine right? Kale have u ever wished u had power steering on any procross u have ridden, I sure haven’t. Please something new in 22.

  9. Jason – If I knew what were coming for MY22, I couldn’t share it anyway. I do know this, I NEVER thought Id need or want power steering on an Arctic Cat ATV, but I was sold about the first mile I tried it. EPS transformed, and made AC ATVs much, much better.

    My memory is a bit blurred on model years, but I believe it was 2012, I put quite a few miles on the Yamaha Apex with Powersteering. I really liked it.

    If power steering were introduced on a similar AC model to the Apex, like the Thundercat, I would applaud that.

    TCat owners will throw buckets of urine on me at the next trailside stop for saying this, but thats a heavy unit. (Fast as a MF’r No doubt)

    Its a sled that fatigues me running corner to corner a full day, plus riding it needs my full mental capacity to comprehend speed.

    NOW, you add power steering, reduce fatigue at the expense of adding a few pounds, then sign me up! Ill skip the chili cheese fries at the Trestle Inn to make up for it. 😉

  10. the winter of 2020/2021 had spawned Covid-Sleds and an entirely new enthusiastic band of idiots that don’t know the value of OR how to fix these old piles of POO… or Doo, idk?

    regardless, buyer be wary – very wary.

    where’s they pre 2022 hype Kale – the 60th anniversary – the big hullabaloo around the ‘new-ness’?

    if all Catextron brings for 2022 is BNG… stick a fork in it bro.

  11. For 2022 BNGs may be the only option for all sled makers with all the COVID related shortages – even if bigger plans are in the works.

  12. Crnr2Crnr – Im told March 3 will be launch date to consumers for MY22. There is supposed to be a special Livestream event happening. To you and any others reading, Im waiting for that official announcement from AC.

    Ill be sharing new model and tech info here on March 3rd.

    As far as your value comments, here’s something I find funny… Ive read nearly one million comments from consumers in past years who have complained about buying a new snowmobile and values dropped the minute it went out the door, dealers won’t give them any money when trying to trade, or even take it in on trade at all etc etc.

    NOW, snowmobiles are actually worth something based on demand, and people still complain. If there were ever a time to sell your current sled to purchase a new one and come out ok, we’re living it.

    That said, Ive seen a lot of junk priced too high, but God bless em if they can get those prices. (Merica)

  13. Kale: Dealer show is tomorrow, so betting we will be seeing what is being released at some point tomorrow afternoon. Correct me if I am wrong of course.

  14. JimR – You are correct. Dealers will be informed of new line up on 17th, but will be told (maybe even sign something) to not share the info. If Im a betting man, info will leak. IMO – the leaks stir some early excitement and some dealer gets a trophy of Internet Hero for a minute, but consumers don’t benefit as they only get bits and pieces of what is new, and the story of why its new. Regardless of what happens, Ill be waiting for the media embargo (Mar 3) and share all the story here.

  15. You left off:
    1. New Paint! (Bought at Home Depot.)
    2. Low Mile Clean Vintage! (Sat out and rubbed on by cows for decades after the owner died so we power washed it right before placing the advert.)
    3. Comes With Another Cat! (Same vintage sled, came with a black kitten living in it.)
    4. It’s Old So It Must Be Rare! (Same sled again, nope, they made 20,000 of them, sorry.)

    As far as the new model debate, If they stuck a compact 440 twin of 70hp in a longer seat Blast and call it a Jag (I don’t like the new seats, they look incomplete as compared to what was on the F series.) I’d have a lot harder time saying no. My two cents, no harm meant. Enjoy the snow we got this year, stay safe.

  16. This should be required reading for all of the people who are new to snowmobiling! Ha ha!

    Kale, looking forward to your info on 2022.

    Home runs impress the fans, but base hits win the game. I think that describes Cat as they dig out of the situation they were in, and I hope it continues.

  17. Ski doo appears to have upped there game and possibly dethroned the thundercat/srx for my22 despite the pandemic. A/C needs something big to hold onto the little snowmobile market they still have.


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