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I See Snowmobiles. She Sees Houses. (How We Saw Our Summer Vacation)

 The Sandberg family was on vacation this past week, so the posting here was pretty light/sporadic.

This summer’s trip was to Copper Harbor, Mich., for a week of camping, hiking, biking and simply being together. During the 20-or-so hours of driving we logged this past week, I couldn’t help but chuckle at how differently I see the world through our truck’s windshield compared to my lovely bride.

She sees cute houses, coffee shops, gardens, restaurants, school buildings (she’s a teacher) and people.

Conversely, I see snowmobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs, trail signs and old cars/trucks.

The most acute difference is how we see the homes we pass. Whereas her eyes are drawn to the architectural style; the flowers; the windows; and if there are clues about the people who live there, MY eyes scan the sides of the house or the garage area for sleds or other vehicles.

She simply does not see the old Panther peeking out of the tall grass next to the detached garage. On the other hand, I don’t notice whether the house was made of brick or wood.

We will pass slowly through a small town like Bruce Crossing we will have a completely difference inventory of sights. We laugh about this difference and tell one another that we compliment one another, but I’m certain that my eyes see the best stuff and she’s COMPLETELY missing out. I keep that thought to myself though.

I’m guessing that I’m not the only one whose eyes constantly search for anything snowmobile and Arctic Cat-related while driving wherever and whenever.

Anyway, below are just a few great sights/memories from my family vacation.

Thanks to my family for indulging my stops and detours to capture such important moments during our trips.

And thanks to you for reading.

Arctic Cat's sitting alongside a garage. Photo by ArcticInsider.

Arctic Cat's sitting alongside a garage. Photo by ArcticInsider.

Riding a Mach 1. Sort of.

Arctic Cat EXT Special, modified with duct tape. Photo by ArcticInsider.

Old sleds in a ditch near Berglund, Mich. Photo by

Otis the dog washes off an Arctic Cat Panther and Jag. Photo

Our dog Otis is a true fan of Arctic Cat snowmobiles. Honest!

John and Kate's excellent adventure, on snowmobiles.

Kate and I laugh about our differences, but she’s always a sport for indulging me in the detours of life. And that’s something we both notice.



  1. The shot of you on the potato bud and the wife on the dog sled is priceless. Obviously you need one of those 10 + 10 risers for your riding style.

  2. Just blows my mind how many people leave nice sleds outside baking in the sun all year. No tarp,cover, nothing.
    Especially that sweet prowler.

  3. Great story John!
    Yep that senarario goes true for most couples, except throw in a few prices of farm equipment for me , and quilt shops for my wife! Upper Michigan is a great place to have vacation.

  4. I do this too. My lady thinks I’m mental. By the way, for about a decade I watched a nice 600ZR rust away about 100 yards from my house, behind an apartment complex. I would agonize, while washing dishes at night, staring at the sled, about the clearly diminished mental capacity of the unprotected machine’s owner. Finally I saw the sled in the back of a truck, headed out. The owner bought a nice kayak.

    Now this year, we’ve noticed the sun cooking the kayak out on the same concrete slab. Yep, some things never change. LOL.

  5. John,
    How many of those old beauties had bee’s nests in them?! Sad to see, i remember taking an old wildcat 700 like that across a lake in 1993….. Amazing the power of those

  6. John, My wife and I were in Copper Harbor on Aug 20 on our 45 th wedding anniversary weekend. I saw wineries and breweries but no sleds ; )

  7. John,
    Thanks for another great article! You just described the same thing that my beautiful wife and I experience while on road trips. Great pix of some fantastic “field finds”! Love the pics of the Prowler, Wildcat 700 and EXT!


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