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Arctic Cat pioneered the front Wishbone Suspension (AWS) and it has been synonymous with confidence-inspired handling for decades. For 2024, the CATALYST platform brings back the legendary name with two all-new segment-focused designs (Trail and Mountain), providing two different front suspension geometries. The outcome, are new AWS generations focused on the ultimate handling and control in all CATALYST platform models.

2024 ZR 600 RXC front AWS and trail spindle

In the Trail segment (ZR and RIOT), AWS is available in 42- and 39-inch adjustable ski stances respectively and are equipped with a sway bar. Paired to the optimized geometry and all-new lighter and stronger forged aluminum spindles, riders will instantly feel increased ski bite while powering around corners with precision and extremely flat handling. 

2024 M 600 front AWS and Mountain spindle

For Mountain models, the 36-inch adjustable ski stance and AWS work as a deep snow rider’s precise tool to initiate turns and side hilling easier. The design of the new mountain spindle minimizes drag through the snow while counter steering for predictable handling and minimized rider fatigue.  


The interactive suspension adjustability of ATAC gives riders instant on-the-fly control over the ride settings on select ZR and RIOT CATALYST platforms.

ATAC utilizes FOX ZERO iQS gas shocks — each featuring piggyback reservoirs and three compression levels corresponding to the factory settings soft, medium and firm — plus, two settings (Driver 1 and Driver 2) allowing the rider the option of choosing their preferred balance between front and rear shocks. 

The electronic control system was designed and developed with Arctic Cat technology. Using a thumb operated button on the left-hand controls of the handlebar, which is wired directly to a shock control module (SCM) on both ski shocks and the rear track shock, the rider can switch between the five settings while riding.

The ATAC system is also integrated into the engine control module corresponding to engine reverse, so ATAC automatically calibrates the shock settings for optimal handling and control when riding in reverse. ATAC setting/position is indicated on the digital instrument gauge for quick and easy visual reference. With ATAC, the ability to instantly customize the ride for conditions and riding style while riding means riders can enjoy the maximum level of comfort in every situation.

2024 ZR 600 with all-new SLIDE-ACTION 129-inch rear suspension


This next generation SLIDE-ACTION suspension design dials up the fun factor at any winter playground! Lightweight, playful and robust, this uncoupled suspension utilizes the long front arm from ZR race models and is designed to transfer weight – Due to the perfect balance of the CATALYST platform, the ride becomes fully influenced by the rider’s position – Rip a windblown ditch line with confidence, rail a trail corner by leaning forward and shift your weight rearward to loft the skis exiting it. A 3-wheel rear axle is standard and available with choice of IFP gas shocks or ATAC adjust on-the-fly packages.

“The 129 rear suspension is an all new design. It is a unique package combining multiple different tested geometries and components. This design does not have the Torque Sensing Link (TSL) to reduce weight and account for chassis packaging. It also has the long race front arm to allow for shock and pull rod packaging. It is an uncoupled suspension, designed to transfer weight with a perfect balance between being able to corner exceptionally, but be light and playful. This rear suspension is very reactive to the rider’s position, which allows the ZR to pull “wheelies”  by getting back on the seat, but the front end remains planted on tight trails by leaning forward.”-Ben Langaas, High Performance Engineering Manager

2024 ZR 600 with SLIDE-ACTION 137-inch rear suspension


The 137-inch SLIDE-ACTION suspension incorporates Arctic Cat’s Torque-Sensing Link, allowing a lower and more consistent track tension, three-position rear coupling block adjustability and adjustable spring preload. For 2024, the new suspension geometry has been calibrated to work harmoniously with the lightweight CATALYST platform – The 137 ride quality takes full advantage of the best track tensioning, shock motion, shock valving and a new torsion spring design and rate.

“The 137 skidframe in CATALYST ZR models have the same name, and even look similar to past offerings, but we have altered the geometry to better accommodate track tension and shock motion. The valving for the shocks has also been dramatically improved to support the CATALYST platform. A new torsion spring rate and design has also been implemented to further improve the ride quality.”- Ben Langaas, High Performance Engineering Manager

2024 ZR600R XC with SLIDE-ACTION 137


The ZR 600R XC is one of the most potent cross-country racing snowmobiles in the industry and Team Arctic has no plans of slowing down. Year-after-year, the competition literally chases Team Arctic in hopes of winning a championship. The all-new 137-inch SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension found in the CATALYST ZR R XC is proof Arctic Cat takes what they learn on the track and precipitate it forward to keep their competitive advantages. With an all-new SLIDE-ACTION geometry, the R XC shares a FOX QS3 shock layout with the ZR R SX (Snocross racer) and adds a new long front arm, race-proven rear arm, rail braces and 4-wheel rear axle assembly.

Team Arctic’s Cross-Country Pro, David Brown, shown racing the 2024 ZR600R XC in the COR Powersports Pro Open class.

“The 137 residing in the R XC is also an all-new rear suspension as it has never been offered in this geometry before. It shares a shock layout with the ZR 600R SX (snocross race sled) along with its own specific valving tuned to meet the needs of the majority of racers, but we wanted to keep it compliant enough for trail riders, since it will be offered to each.”– Ben Langaas, High Performance Engineering Manager

I nabbed a quick impromptu video with Ben Langaas at the 2024 CATALYST media ride in January. Ben discusses some of the changes to the all-new R XC skid frame.
2024 RIOT 600 with CROSS-ACTION 146


The CROSS-ACTION uncoupled rear suspension on RIOT model results in a playful ride quality, with more weight transfer during acceleration for great performance in deep snow as well as outstanding comfort and traction over big bumps and in all snow conditions. The CROSS-ACTION suspension also incorporates Arctic Cat’s Torque-Sensing Link allowing a lower and more consistent track tension, adjustable spring preload and a 3-wheel rear axle assembly. 

“The CROSS-ACTION 146 name returns in CATALYST RIOT models and may look similar to past offerings, but we have altered the geometry to better accommodate track tension and shock motion. The valving for the shocks has also been tuned to support the CATALYST platform.”- Ben Langaas, High Performance Engineering Manager



  1. Cat’s website states the RXC has a Tri-hub rear axle but the video and pictures show a 4 wheel set up. Do you know for sure what will come on the RXC when it is delivered?

  2. Thanks for the updates. I’ve been trying to find the differences between the new zr and the new r-xc…that’s a few. Is the ski width the same on both now or is the r-xc still wider? Different exhaust can in each? Any differences in the engines?

      • likely… they also have the front outers removed which ice racers do.

        they also slammed it lower to the ground which you could see in one of the pictures on Herf’s FB page.

  3. Love this article , and the details on each version, the video with Ben was excellent, first time I heard the rear wheel was larger for less rolling resistance, these are the details I love to see and hear, when these engineers get to share there knowledge.

  4. great article! answered allot of questions about suspension. Surprised Riot has same stance as trail sled. Any change in drive shaft angle from trail – mountain? Chassis article next?

    • It’s not the same stance.

      ski stance – Lyst ZR’s 41.25″-42.25″w vs ProCross ZR 42″-43″ or Lyst Riot 38-40″ vs ProCross Riot 41.5-43.5″

  5. Man that 129 sounds like it would be fun I was pretty much thinking of going RXC route but now i could save some $$ and still have fun sled for aggressive ditch and trail ridding. Wish I knew how they corned on trail being the the 129 is uncoupled compared to the RXC.

  6. Arctic Cat is very lucky to have you. This site provides so much straight information.

    I think they are in the right direction, and hope dirt products follow very soon.

  7. Kale, do you know how the track tension is maintained through the travel on the 129″ being the TSL has been removed? Also do you how much lighter the 129″ skid compared to the 137″?

  8. The track tension probably has to be increased on the 129 skid, instead of an 1.75″ deflection with a 20lb load on the track it might require 1.5″ of deflection with a 20 lb load. Because of the shorter track but at greater tension the rolling resistance may be similar to the 137 with less tension. Just speculating.

  9. Just got a message that Arctic Cat will have some Catalyst models out at Snodeo on North Twin lake, Pinehurst. Does not sound like a demo, but hoping to sneak a ride on them if the right guy is out there. Will be a great weekend of races and fun. Lots of new snow so the trails will be beautiful.

  10. As far as what is wrapped around the skids, the track, any chance the “Quiet Drive” tracks go away? 20 years has been way too long to deal with those! Not a fan.

  11. I wish Arctic Cat would bring the trail ZR To upstate ny and let a rider from the area test it, we can ride the hell out of sleds in the woods all I see is the sleds in mountain deep snow, please ARCTIC CAT bring one to Connecticut Hill in schyler County Odessa ny and really see what the sleds can do. Eric Taber alpine ny

  12. Looks all fine and dandy and like a nice ride but I’d almost guarantee that if something went wrong or failed one day past the awesome 1 year warranty Arctic cat would do nothing for you but find excuses to deny you any coverage. Speaking from experience dealing with cat this year. But at your own risk.

  13. I’m having trouble justifying the cost at this point but I really like the idea of the uncoupled 129 with the ripsaw II.

    My 18 sno pro is a lot better with the racewerx coupling block. I was hoping to upgrade this year but I might just try the seat concepts seat upgrade to make the seating position for me and get a couple more years out of it. Sled has a lot of life left in it. Tough decisions…

  14. Kale,

    Thanks for the info. Have you had a chance to ride the 129”? I like the concept. Curious as to the rider experience vs the R XC. Kind of agree with the “light is right” and fun to ride philosophy.

    • All depends how/where you ride when choosing the 1.6 or 1.75. If you are purely sticking to trails with an occasional deep snow play ride, Id choose 1.6. But the new Hurricane 1.75 track is a great performer and works incredibly well for both trail and more excursions into deeper snow riding.

  15. They need a 1.35 option for the Riot. I know of several people who want one, but have no need for a track of more than that. They raise holy hell on the trails.


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