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The lightweight, rigid CATALYST platform has redefined the precision handling of Arctic Cat’s ZR, and the perfectly balanced rider geometry makes it easier than ever to straighten the curves and flatten the hills. 

Arctic Wishbone Suspension (AWS) employs performance-engineered IFP gas shocks and 9-inches of bump-soaking front travel. Arctic Cat’s proprietary rack steering system provides the same great attributes of Electronic Power Steering without the added weight – Say hello to light and precise steering with flat cornering, and goodbye to bump steer and tiresome feedback through the handlebars.

For 2024, the SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension name remains the same, but the ZR CATALYST platform offers three new factory-tuned variations with optimized geometries, all-new components and designs to dial up fun factors, inspire rider confidence and conquer the toughest terrains. All ZRs come with either IFP gas shocks or ATAC Adjust-On-The-Fly shock package options. (Except RXC)  

The next generation all-new 129-inch SLIDE-ACTION is arguably one of the most playful new designs – This uncoupled suspension eliminates Arctic Cat’s Torque Sensing Link and utilizes the long front arm from ZR race models designed to transfer weight for rides totally influenced by rider positioning. Shifting your weight forward or back allows you to keep skis planted, or lofted, and comes standard with a 1.25-inch lug Ripsaw II track.

137-inch ZR SLIDE-ACTION offerings incorporate Arctic Cat’s Torque-Sensing Link, allowing a lower and more consistent track tension, three-position rear coupling block adjustability and adjustable spring preload. The Ripsaw II with 1.25-inch lug aids in making this set-up one of the best all-around trail performers.

The all-new 137-inch SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension found in the CATALYST ZR RXC is proof Arctic Cat takes what they learn on the track and precipitate it forward to keep their competitive advantages. With an all-new geometry, the RXC shares a FOX QS3 shock layout with the ZR R SX (Snocross racer) and adds a new long front arm, race-proven rear arm, rail braces, 4-wheel rear axle assembly and a 1.35-inch lug height Cobra track.

Riders wanting more suspension adjustability can opt for a ZR 600 with the innovative ATAC suspension system. Utilizing an improved thumb-operated button on the left handlebar controls, the driver can operate FOX ZERO iQS3 ski and rear track shocks, allowing and instant switch between three factory compression settings (Soft, Medium and Firm), with two additional customizable settings (Driver 1 and Driver 2).

All New ATACH accessories easily attach/detach from lockable points incorporated into CATALYST platform.

The Deluxe Digital gauge (ATAC models only), LED II headlight, low-height windshield and ATACH accessory mounting points on rear tunnel are standard features. ATACH accessory options include easy-to-attach Lite, Mid, Large or High Country pack sizes, Saddlebags, Fuel Caddy and even two-up passenger seats.


  • All-new CATALYST platform is the industry’s lightest and toughest
  • C-TEC2, 599cc 2-stroke 125-class horsepower
  • All-New Belt Drive replaces traditional chaincase (30/58 Gearing) 
  • Standard laydown steering post with 3.5-inch handlebar riser
  • Arctic Wishbone Suspension (AWS) with 42-inch adjustable ski stance
  • Trail-6 Skis with long 4-bolt dual-runner carbide (Except R-XC, single-runner)
  • SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension (129- and 137-inch track lengths)
  • Ripsaw II track 1.25-inch lug
  • Cobra track 1.35-inch lug (RXC 137)
  • Tether switch, 12V Accessory and helmet visor plug-ins
  • Dash located goggle holder/storage and under hood belt storage
  • All-New ATACH accessory mounting


    • Racers preferred the 137 over the 129 C. I rode the 137 ZR ATAC. Nice sled! You are SOL right now if you did not get your order in for an RXC as they are GONE!

      • Potential customers views, perceptions and opinions matter… do they not?

        Cat is now offering the R-XC to consumers, which they generally have not in the past as you typically purchased one through the Race Dept. In that vein it’s in direct competition for sales against the MXZ-XRS or XCR, which are both offered in short or longer variations with multiple track options. Offering the R-XC as their top of the line trail models and FINALLY dumping the RR (racer replica-LOL) models is a great decision. For 2025 models, I hope to see the R-XC offered in a 129″

        Blink twice if none of this makes sense. 🙂

        • I feel your pain I also prefer a 129 but all the hype says the r-xc 137 feels like a 129 so we will see as I pulled the trigger on one. the r-xc is the legit cross country race model they are not going to produce 2 versions. Polaris does not sell there cross country race sled to consumers you have to buy through race program. They are called cross country 600 buddy has a 22’ yr, Only available in a 137 track. The Zr atac would compare to a xcr both offered in 129 or 137

          • I know… we have an RXC in our ‘fleet’ of Cats, as well as a 2000 440 SP, a 500 SP and a 720 SP… all shorties which are ideal here.

            Is the 137 a tipped rail? 🙂

          • just to be clear… the Polaris Cross Country Race Sled is a 16″ 2.52P with TIPPED RAILS… which is supposed to make it ride on hard surfaces like a 128″

            I can draw a picture if need be

        • Crnr2Crnr – the RR models aren’t completely gone. They are still offered for 2024 in ZR 8000 and 9000 Procross trim. For me personally, that ZR9000RR is pretty badass. Id pick it over a Thundercat, but that’s me. Ill share info on those next for anyone interested.

          • they should be… ‘racer replica’ in a chassis they no longer race which didn’t get the actual race skid and comes with e-start.


        • I didn’t want to share this Inside information until now, but RR actually stands for Ricky Racer…which falls into an appeal rate between 79.4% and 99.8% of us reading here. It’ll be ok. 🙂

  1. The 129” definitely handles differently than the 137”. Corners much better and not a noticeable difference in ride quality. Lots of comparisons observed with the Procross chassis. CatLyst is so much different there’s no comparison. Like going from a truck to a Porsche.

  2. I got my Pre-Order in. I went with a 137 Black ATAC. Hanging on to my current sled until this one physically arrives at my dealer! I hope everyone who ordered today gets their sled in time for all of next year’s riding season.

    • Polaris offered $1500 to each person if not delivered by the end of Nov. I thought that was pretty interesting considering how bad supply has been. Maybe its starting to level out?

  3. Consider yourselves lucky if your orders went in. Looks like alot of customers are going to be disappointed. My order was canceled and my money returned after my dealer told me the 2024 Catalyst I wanted was unavailable. Hope everyone else fares better.

    • Ive spent a fair amount of time on a 2023 RIOT 9000. If you are looking for a pure trail sled, the Thundercat can’t be matched. Especially if it has Power steering. Id hold the 2024 ZR9000RR in the same high regard if you are the type looking/needing a more aggressive suspension calibration. The RIOT 9000 though is a smile-maker if you like weight transfer and deeper snow capability.

  4. Looks like their engine plant in St Cloud will have their work cut out for them this summer based on what they sold so far which is good for Arctic Cat how many motors can they produce 600cc per day

  5. Congrats to all who were able to order a new Catalyst. The machines look stunning. I had my own peepers looking at the M600. I thought I brought enough firepower to the family conversation, but ultimately, Headquarters has the final say. It didn’t go my way, maybe 2025.

  6. I ordered a Riot 600 ATAC, and really looking forward to actually seeing it in person and riding one. I had about 6 of my friends that made it to eagle river and rode them, every single one had great feedback. I am really excited for Cat, and hope they didn’t oversell the quantities. Has anyone seen an accessory catalog or anything on line?

    • Not yet. I will be going to my Dealer next week and will ask if they have received a copy. Want to see the different bags for the attach system before I purchase that.

  7. Well I spontaneously ordered a galaxy blue 129 catalyst. I haven’t ordered a new sled since 2002 when I ordered my F7. I’m super excited. Now I have to find a way to tell my wife! Good thing I have 6 months to keep saving and scrounging. The excitement level around this chassis is what every diehard cat guy has been wanting. Now it’s here!!

  8. Arctic cat needs to increase their production. The Catalyst platform was sold out by noon the first day. Talk all you want about how wonderful the Catalyst platform is, but a lot of people can’t even get one

  9. I feel like all sleds should come standard with a real storage bag. Cat should be including an attach bag. Not charging 400. my thundercat bag is so tiny a spare belt takes most of it

  10. Too little, too late…
    The catalyst sleds are looking better now though.
    But we want to see a 900 2stroke and or a 850 turbo 2 stroke, and the turbo 4 stroke in a that chassis please. The Garmin navigation system is not integrated into the gauge cluster screen still and is a bandaid for what customers want and asked for. It needs to be integrated like polaris ride command has as an optional cluster in one piece in my opinion….. I will NEVER own a Polaris but lots of stuff needs to change and is not getting changed.
    Kudos on the new Thundercat power steering it’s really great on my 2 new Thundercats.
    As a company now you need to provide the power steering and heated seats for the 800s and 600s. Then I may consider one of them. Thank you.

  11. And I am not a big fan of the new catalyst trail sled seats. I am 6’3″ tall and a 14 inch long seat looks pretty miserable to trail ride on all day long.
    I’m sure it’s saving you money producing these short seats, but you are re inventing the wheel here with a half a wheel. And to the guy wanting a 129 inch ZR600XC, they are sitting at dealerships everywhere. Pick one of those up and quit complaining.
    No one wants a 129 inch track anymore they beat your guts out.
    Call Indian River Powersports they have like 4 or 5 of them.
    Hope this helps you find your 129.

    • Sooooooo, the seat LOOKS miserable, but you haven’t ridden a CATALYST yet? Might wanna hold judgement if that’s the case. I acknowledge we all ride different. (Ive seen complaints a Procross seat is too short, which bottles my mind) Im 6’4 and built like a Big Piston. For me personally, I ride up on the tank and don’t find the Catalyst seat too small. Again, we all ride different, and ergos (rider positioning) are far different on CATALYST versus Procross.

      Your thoughts on CATALYST 129…again, hold off judgement until you ride one. The all-new 129 skid frame is really fun, and works incredibly well. AC did a nice job with that buggy.

      • I’d need to ride the new Catalyst to be proven wrong about the seat.
        I’m sure it works ok. The belt drive chaincase replacement looks really interesting. Hopefully we get the 998 turbo in the new chassis with a heavy duty rubber band on her. I’ll snow check one.

  12. Rob is right, this new chassis should be being released with multiple new engines, and the turbo 4 stroke. We’ve been waiting to long already. So what buy a 24 zr 8000 then next year a new larger engine in the catalyst comes out and ur stuck with a sled nobody wants. Arctic cat should tell us what’s coming so there loyal customers can make a decision on what to buy

      • but you are just one person who trail rides in MN with a 50mph speed limit… you’re a tiny minority of the snowmobile buying public who are already riding 800’s and above.

        600 works just fine for me and our local trails, so I try to apply the same logic to myself in these types of discussions, you might consider that in the future.

        I would wager the percentage of 160hp class (LOL) sales compared to 600 sales industry wide favor the big bores by a considerable margin. Arctic Cat didn’t bring anything to the table for those buyers in the new chassis people have been waiting for in 2024.


    • I’m getting rid of my ’21 800 procross before MY25 for that very reason, I was worried it would depreciate too much and would be harder to get rid of when the “bigger than 800” engine is released in the catalyst next year. So I ordered a new catalyst zr 600 atac 129 to ride for a year. I was going to wait but couldn’t help myself.

    • The issue isn’t that they decided not to bring out the bigger engine, it’s that the bigger engine isn’t ready. 800s outsell 600s 3:1 but textron couldn’t get it ready. I doubt that there’s anyone at Cat that wouldn’t admit they wish they had the resources to get the bigger engine ready. textron has them so lean they had to pull back former employees on a contract basis to work on engines. But textron also bought a company bleeding money and they are being conservative.

      They will sell all the catalysts they can make but they are missing sales by not getting production up. I think that falls on textron. But things are going the right direction, hopefully they can catch up to the other two.

      Cat did clearly say the bigger engine is coming next year and the turbo after that.

    • Jason – Shoulda, Woulda, Couldn’t, Didn’t. I think AC has been pretty clear a big bore will be coming next year. And Ill guarantee this right now, they are sold out before even being released.

  13. Heated seats on 8000 models have been around for at least 5 years and work well. Pretty sure it’s going to work on the catalyst as well.

  14. Back in the day, roll outs of new product was measured – often starting on the race track; then to some – but not all the lineup at once. It’s all good (except new sled pricing these days).

  15. Kale, do u have any real world photos of the 24 rrs? All I can find are the website pics and those arent real actual photos. Also do you know if gearing or track changes going from tcat to rr?

  16. You did get one thing right Insider. The Thundercat is unmatched for a trail burner. This is all due to its set up and lower stance. Power steering and crazy power just makes the Tcat unbeatable on a groomed trail. Not to say the new Catalyst isn’t good at ditch banging, being able to throw around, and general fun. Good to see so many are getting them. It will be a great sled. It reminded me of a F7, just too fast and powerful for its own good. This will be the 600 others will be compared to.
    It will be a long summer, for many.
    Insider are you sure what RR stands for? Retro Randy will be waiting on his Retro T-cat. Can’t wait for that new sled smell in the shop.

  17. I think the cornr2cornr guy is really a Polaris guy upset because all the new 850s are blowing up. Not to mention the recall on the fuel pumps.
    I’m glad Cat brought the Catalyst platform out so they can race it now, and comply with the racing homoligation production rules.
    I’m sure there’s many more reasons we aren’t getting every creature comfort we want on the new sleds. Cost, and the fact that It takes years to get designs into production, and Textrons approval as well.
    The new 2023 sleds are great. I personally am still having issues, one reoccurring issue is the heated seat and control switch not working properly.

    • Newberry Michigan my friend.
      One had 19 miles on it. Other one had 60. Guy was staying at the Magnusen hotel where we stayed and told me about it.
      I told him I would be pissed and thats why I would not buy a Polaris. They’re junk.
      Just reporting what happened. Don’t shoot the messenger, haha.

  18. I will have to side with Crnr2Crnr on the track length, I would like to see an RXC 129″. I require the fully adjustable shocks that come on the RXC and would actually swap out the QS3 adjusters for high/low speed adjusters. I can believe the 137 Catalyst feels as nimble as a 129 Procross, so a 129 Catalyst should feel as nimble as 121 track which is all the better for me. Plus my trailer won’t fit a 137″. Anyways, the price of these sleds has made it easier for me to wait another year plus they are all sold out anyways. There should be plenty of used 600 catalysts for sale after next winter when all you big bore guys go get the sled you really want.

  19. I will be getting the high country pack on my 146 M catalyst. The new attach accessory system looks cool and very cool that cat made retrofit mounts so they work on procross sleds too.


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