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Yesterday I took my 2024 ZR600 129 (pictured above) to a trailside ride-in event hosted by Muggs near lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota. Conservatively guessing, Id say there were at least 100 in attendance and Muggs couldn’t have picked a nicer weather day for their “Sometimes Annual” ride. Stick with me to see what any of this has to do with the 2024 ZR 7000. -Kale

The turnout for the Mugg’s Sometimes Annual ride-in was fantastic with a wide variety of snowmobiles in attendance. Snowmobiling was built as a social sport first, and its great to see these types of trailside events are still a draw.
Lunch was provided by Mugg’s of Mille Lacs. Ive said it before, these guys are true snowmobilers, and fully support all powersports. If you are ever in Wahkon, MN, please go visit their restaurant.
This fella (Pat Bourgeois, Editor of Midwest Rider Magazine) believes in dessert before dinner and wasted no time sneaking in 2-3 S’mores before kicking back a couple grilled brats. The Mille Lacs Drift Skippers club in Isle has a really nice trailside shelter and the trails were in excellent condition.
I let a variety of people test ride my ZR 129 including this guy who was all smiles afterward. He had a 2017 ZR7000 (left) with 7XXX-plus miles on the clicker, and that thing ran like a Swiss watch. After I rode it, I remembered how much I love the 1049cc 4-stroke engine. Then I remembered I hadn’t shared anything on the 2024 ZR7000 being offered, then I remembered how excited Crnr2Crnr would be if I did share the info. So, here we go…
2024 ZR7000 137 in Woodies Orange

Tech Talk

The ZR platform starts with the race-proven ultra-rigid ProCross chassis and optimal riding position. Up front, the Arctic Race Suspension (ARS II) offers 9-in. of suspension travel, while the 137-in. SLIDE-ACTION rear suspensionboasts 13.5-inches and employs the Ripsaw II track with 1.25-in. lugs. 

The C-TEC4 engine is backed by Arctic Cat’s ADAPT CVT System. The ADAPT Drive and Driven clutches are lightweight and employ a compact design with advanced idler system. ADAPT maintains constant belt tension throughout the RPM range resulting in minimized wear and maximum throttle response throughout your drive belt’s lifespan.

Fans of the 1049cc C-TEC4 engine rejoice! After a short hiatus in the Arctic Cat line-up, this 135-Class horsepower 4-stroke performer is back in the ZR for 2024. A moderately aggressive suspension calibration has high-quality Arctic Cat 1.5 IFP ski shocks and in the rear are Arctic Cat IFP 1.5 front- and Arctic Cat IFP 2.0 rear-track shocks. The Deluxe Digital gauge, LED headlight, 11-in. mid-height windshield, heated driver’s seat are standard features and available in Woodies Orange. 

The ZR 7000 at a Glance

  • ZR 7000 New Model
  • C-TEC4, 1049cc 4-stroke 135-Class Horsepower (7000)
  • 42-in. to 43-in. adjustable ski stance
  • Trail-6 Skis
  • 12V outlet and visor plug-in
  • 5.5-in. handlebar riser
  • Mid Tunnel Bag Rear Storage
  • Tether Switch
2024 Pantera 7000 Touring 146

2024 PANTERA 7000 TOURING 146

A plush ride starts with Arctic Cat’s signature 146-inch SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension. Tuned calibration has high-quality Arctic Cat 1.5 IFP ski shocks, and in the rear IFP 1.5 front- and IFP 2.0 rear-track shocks with adjustable torsion springs and fiberglass overload springs to handle the extra weight of a passenger. The 15-inch wide Ripsaw track with 1.25-inch lugs provides traction. 

The Deluxe Digital gauge, heated driver/passenger seats, passenger wind deflectors with handwarmers, adjustable backrest, LED headlight and 14-in. mid-height windshield with mirrors are standard features and is available in Black with Medium Green accent graphics. 

The PANTERA at a Glance

  • PANTERA 7000 New Model
  • C-TEC4, 1049cc 4-stroke 135-Class Horsepower (7000)
  • ProTour Platform
  • Two-Up Seat with Adjustable Backrest
  • 42-in. to 43-in. adjustable ski stance
  • ProTour-6 Skis
  • 12V outlet
  • Spacious Rear tunnel Storage Compartment
  • Tether Switch and Visor plug-ins



  1. Why are we calling the Pantera a new model?
    Other than removing some features it looks unchanged from a couple years ago. :dunno:

  2. Everything old is new again. I have over 11,000 miles on my 7000. Runs perfect. Still waiting for Cat to release the ADAPT clutches for these. They released part numbers, but not all the parts, yet. Hopefully this summer.

    • They released them in the fall of 2021. The 7000 series engine has the same PTO shaft as the 9000 series engines. You use the same clutch part number and belt as the 9000 series and then figure out the spring and weights yourself.

  3. Off topic, my thundercat intercooler gets completely incased in ice. And the ice actually has bent some of the fins. I’ve noticed in 9000 review videos the intercoolers on the sleds in the videos are the same way. I’d think since 2017 cat would have added some snow mesh or something to address this?

  4. Jason, check with FrogZskin. Maybe they can make you something to cover that up. And it’s odd that A/C doesn’t have something already.

  5. Really good to bring back the Pantera, I think it’s important to have a full size two up touring with a powerful engine. That’s a step in the good direction

  6. Why would they bother bringing back this model now? The catalyst is a better snowmobile in every way. Probably 150 LBS lighter. Plus 20,000.00 CAD, no thanks!!!!!

  7. The power of the 1049 kind of reminds of of how the old 700 wildcat did back in the early 90’s.
    It pulls like a locomotive!!! Just a torque monster.
    And subtle triple sound of it is music to the ears. Nowhere near the sound of old ZRT two strokes but still good.

  8. Did they remove the rear auxiliary gas tank from the Pantera? I don’t see it listed at all anymore in the specs or features. Thanks.

    • Im nearly certain there isn’t an auxiliary tank on the Pantera as a standard feature for 2024. And someone here will have to refresh my memory on when the last time the auxiliary tank was used on either the Pantera and/or (Was it a CrossTour?)

      • · 2015 PANTERA 7000 LTD BLACK
        · 2016 PANTERA 7000 LTD BLACK
        · 2016 XF 7000 CROSSTOUR
        · 2017 PANTERA 7000 LTD BLACK
        · 2017 XF 7000 CROSSTOUR
        · 2018 PANTERA 7000 LTD BLACK
        · 2018 XF 6000 CROSSTOUR
        · 2018 XF 7000 CROSSTOUR

        Aux tank also comes on the yami versions (they get the 998 turbo engine too)


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