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Is a Torque Control Link on the New 4-Stroke Arctic Cats?

One of the many new pieces of technology on the 2012 Arctic Cat snowmobiles is the  Torque Control Link (TCL), a link/plate that ties together the engine with the jackshaft. With a fixed distance between the drive and driven clutch, belt performance (and longevity) and clutch performance are greatly improved. 


Torque Control Link on a 2012 Arctic Cat 2-stroke

Above is the photo that’s been used in many different media to illustrate the TCL. When some owners of 4-stroke-powered 2012 Arctic Cats did some poking around, they were alarmed to discover that this exact link wasn’t included on their machine.

Which left them wondering if there is a TCL on the 4-stroke ProCross and ProClimb sleds?

The answer: Yes.


1100 4-stroke engine with Torque Control Link for Arctic Cat


Differences in the dimensions and architecture of the 1100 4-stroke twin compared to the 800 H.O. (below), as well as the 600 Sno Pro race engine, necessitated a different link. While the link’s shape and attachments points are different, it serves the exact same function of maintaining a fixed center-to-center distance between the PTO and the jackshaft.

Arctic Cat 800 H.O. engine with Torque Control Link



  1. good article, but what us 2012 4 stroke owners are wondering is when there is going to be a fix for the reverse!!!! 2 months and no fix!!! NOT COOL……just sayin’

  2. I”m not understanding the 2206 “self centering” bearings used for the jackshaft. How can the chaincase/ gear alignment stay consistant with the driveshaft?

  3. What is the bolt pattern around the PTO end, and the size of bolts? Also, what is the Crank Taper PTO end?


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