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Beginning today, ArcticInsider will now have a new leader, Pat Bourgeois, as the person capturing, sharing and posting all the informative “inside” Arctic Cat content you’ve come to love here.

As I end the ArcticInsider chapter of my career, the tough decision to step away comes with sadness as 2024 marks the 20th year working directly with the legendary Arctic Cat brand, its passionate employees, dedicated dealers, and most importantly, you, the consumers/fans.

I’d like to thank Arctic Cat, the dealers, vendors and friends in the media who have supported ArcticInsider during my last five years running the site. Without you, this place truly wouldn’t exist for everyone to enjoy, and I appreciate every bit of your support, and trust in me, to fly the proverbial Arctic Cat Green flag.

In my mind’s battle of who to find to replace me here, choosing Pat was a relatively easy decision. Pat is deeply passionate about motorsports, has an extremely creative mind, is handy with the keyboard and camera, and knows the players within Arctic Cat’s walls – he has every tool to continue elevating ArcticInsider to the higher levels it deserves as a premier site.

I’d like you all to give Pat a warm welcome, and thought I’d ask him some key questions about his plans for ArcticInsider. Thank you again for the great ride! I’ll see you out on the trails. – Kale

Kale: First of all, Pat, give us your background pitch. How long have you been in powersports, what roles have you had, and what’s your connection to Arctic Cat?

PB: Oh man, how much time do we have ha ha. Much like yourself I’ve worked in powersports for a looonngg time – since the spring of 1993 I believe. That’s when I started as an associate editor for Minnesota Snowmobiling and Supertrax magazines. I was fortunate enough to be “shown the ropes” and work alongside CJ Ramstad, who longtime Cat fans will know as the writer of the first two Legend books and the person who started Snow Week magazine. Since that time I’ve been in the “industry” in different capacities – I was the editor of On Snow Magazine and ATV World; I worked for two different OEMs in various marketing roles; and over the past 16 years I’ve owned and operated a powersports focused marketing agency while still writing for Midwest Rider, Wisconsin Snowmobile News, and the Michigan Snowmobile Off-Road Vehicle Association publication.

I grew up in Baudette, Minnesota and I still visit frequently. It’s probably still my favorite place to ride. Growing up in northern Minnesota you automatically have an affinity for the two brands that call that area home and Arctic Cat was my first snowmobile. I’ve always had a love for the brand and the people associated with Arctic Cat. Through my work, I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know and become friends with so many people who have either worked there, raced for Cat, or are just huge fanatics. There’s just something about Arctic Cat that’s different from other brands…it feels real…it has an emotional connection others don’t. I think that’s why Arctic Cat faithful are so passionate…it’s more than just a product for many of them.

I (Pat) feel like I’ve been part of the ArcticInsider family for a long time, given how many trips and adventures we’ve all been on together. Between Kale Wainer and John Sandberg, we’ve been riding together for the better part of 20 years. (L-R) Tom Rowland, Randy Holland, Kale Wainer, Pat Bourgeois and John Sandberg

Kale: What makes you want to run ArcticInsider?

PB: As a writer and marketer, I love the idea of ArcticInsider…it serves as this great connection between the brand and the customer…and it’s something that only a brand like Arctic Cat can pull-off. Those who have followed AI for a long time know I’ve been a close friend of both yourself and John Sandberg, who founded ArcticInsider, and I’ve always loved the great stories, the funny quips, and the interaction AI has offered. Having a chance to build upon those stories with a few of my own and give it my own twist is something I look forward to.

Kale: You and I have been friends and colleagues for a solid 20+ years, what are some of your favorite memories of adventures we’ve embarked on?

PB: Well, we have shared some very delicious roller dogs on several road trips…disgusting and tasty all at the same time. There have been so many, but my favorite off-road riding trip was the launch of the Wildcat Trail that you managed while at Cat. That was probably two of the most spectacular days of side-by-side riding I’ve experienced. For me the best adventures have been the day rides or weekend rides and all the goofball stuff and shenanigans that happen along the way. I seem to recall I almost burned all your hair off while we were planning a Catalyst ride last spring. It’s those kinds of memories that really define why we all ride. 

Me giving Tucker some cornering tips on a trail ride a few winters back.

Kale: What should readers expect from you, in terms of the kind of content and frequency? What about the social medias?

PB: I thought about this question for some time and it reminded me how much the media landscape has changed since I first started writing. Twenty-five years ago long-form stories were common and people took the time to read those stories. But today, longer, in-depth stories are more rare. Most of us now digest information in little bite sized chunks. John (Sandberg) did a great job delivering in-depth articles for ArcticInsider. You really injected punchy news bites and the social media side of things and expanded the reach to a new audience. I definitely want to bring both of those elements to ArcticInsider and hopefully put my stamp on it. Stories that are funny, entertain, inform, or offer a perspective that maybe others haven’t thought about before. I think the real value of this site is not to be first with information, but to provide insight and information you can’t get elsewhere. 

Kale: Are you going to have true inside access to Arctic Cat? Will we see stories like TRF road trips, interviews with people from the company, and such?

One of my favorite trips of all time, hanging with Roger Skime at his ranch along with Kale, John Sandberg, and Phil Molto, who was a long time host of Snowmobiler Television in Canada. – Pat

PB: Absolutely. That’s one of the great things about ArcticInsider, you truly do have access behind the scenes. Much like yourself, I know so many of the folks at Arctic Cat and having grown up in northern Minnesota and still having a place up there, going to TRF is definitely going to continue. I’d also like to pose that question to the followers of the site…what type of content do you want to see?

Kale: Do you have any plans to do things differently than I did here? Got any game changers? (laughs cuz I know Pat hates buzzwords)

PB: Well I don’t have any revolutionary, paradigm shifting, next level plans…ha ha, but there are few things I’d like to incorporate. A podcast is definitely on my list. I’ve really gotten into listening to podcasts on road trips over the past few years, and they really have become one of the fastest growing platforms for news and entertainment. Plus, you know how much I like to talk…so an AI podcast is on my short list. Video is another piece I’m going to try to do more of as well. You’ve done a great job introducing more videos to the site. They don’t need to be these professionally created videos either, the success of TikTok is proof of that. I won’t be doing any dance moves or challenges, but expect to see more video clips as part of ArcticInsider.

Snowmobiling and riding ATVs and side-by-sides is supposed to be fun…so I always try to have plenty of laughs no matter what I’m doing. Life’s too short to be serious all the time. – Pat

Kale: Here’s a multi-part finale question: How do you feel about 20-inch bar risers, gas station roller dogs vs trailside venison brats, using a sno-bunje, and the safe-use of lighter fluid around campfires?

PB: Bar risers are useless without a bro can and backpack…period. Gas station roller dogs are a delicacy few truly appreciate but venison brats over an open flame get the win every time. A sno-bunje is not a toy and should only be used by professionals…I’ve seen broken upper A-arms to attest. Lighter fluid (boy scout juice) and campfires just go together. I mean,  I like really big fires and I can’t help it if your hairy eyebrows got in the way.

Thanks for the 20-year ride Arctic Cat, it’s been a helluva good time! – Kale


  1. WOW !!! great write up Kale. Thank you for all youve done for us readers. Sound like you have pick the right person.
    Welcome Pat, looking forward to having you aboard
    Good luck Kale and hope to still see you at events

  2. Thank you, Kale, for all you have done for us Cat fans. More often than not you keep us more informed than AC themselves lol Pat as big shoes to fill!

  3. Looks like you found a great replacement. Thanks for all you have shared Kale.
    I Really enjoy the more in-depth interviews with engineers and would like to here more from them and maybe some aftermarket/race teams in the futer

  4. Thank you Kale for all your hard work. I have always enjoyed your articles and your insight to the Arctic Cat brand. Best of luck in your future endevors. Pat, looking forward to you continuning the great legacy of arcticinsider!

    Let it Snow!

  5. First, thank you Kale for teaching us all kinds of cool stuff about risers. I agree with what you said about the value of AI – we get info here that we can’t get anywhere else.

    Pat, from northern Itasca County, welcome – I have been a reader of yours, and appreciate what you do.

    There’s a lot going on and no shortage of reasons why AI is such a valuable tool for buyers and Arctic Cat fans of every stripe!

  6. Thanks Kale for your hard work keeping us up to date with Arctic Cat information. We’re going to miss you.

    The articles I enjoy the most are the interviews with key Arctic Cat personnel, and the stories about new product development and racing. I also like the vintage side of snowmobiling and really enjoy the photos and stories about Arctic Cat collectors and their collections.

    Finally, I really appreciated the writeups after new model lineups have been introduced – it’s nice to come here and get a quick rundown on the features, updates and changes on each model. Hopefully this will continue going forward.

    Good luck with your future plans.

  7. Going to miss you Kale, but I dont see you going to far. Welcome Pat. Looking forward to the future, even though I have less than 5 miles on my 129 Catalyst ATAC, due to this miserable winter.

  8. This was unexpected and a bit of a bummer to hear because I did appreciate the content.
    But it sounds like Pat is stepping up to share the passion so let’s go!
    When Pat asked what people were interested in, I immediately thought of podcasts so it was cool to see that is already planned.
    And I agree, I don’t care about getting info out first, I’d rather have the exclusive, 𝘪𝘯𝘴𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘳 information.

  9. Sorry to hear that you’re leaving Kale. But I think you can take credit for saving A.I. after John suddenly had to leave. Everyone here will miss you. Hope to still see and talk with you at Haydays. Good luck to you and your future endeavors. Sounds like you have found a great guy to pick it up where you left off. Thanks again Kale.

  10. Thanks for all the content over the years Kale. There was more and clearer information on products than from Arctic Cat themselves. I will miss reading your articles and seeing your pictures. Here’s to smooth trails ahead.

  11. Kale, thank you for the hard work and continued dedication to this amazing brand! As mentioned in the interview above, no other dealer sign carries such a passion! We are a unique group for sure and I am damn proud to be part of it. I am sure we will cross paths in the future.
    Pat, welcome aboard. Your reputation speaks for itself! Podcast? Awesome idea!

  12. That’s nice Kale.

    More importantly, what does this mean for the fate of the beloved race winning 7000 ?

    Welcome Pat… if that’s your real name.

  13. Kale, Thank you for hard work to keep us informed and also keeping the peace at times when not everyone had the same opinion or viewpoint, your diplomacy went a long way in keeping it all together in the end.

    Pat, Good luck keeping us all corralled as Kale did at times. Reading the other entries from people that have more knowledge of you, I feel that you will do a great job with the shoes that you are filling. While Kale did a great job with AI, he didn’t quite have the April fool’s creativity that John had, those were works of a genius that often fooled many of us until we realized what day it was. Maybe your personality and creativity can bring this light hearted view back.

  14. Kale I love this site and hate to see you bounce. Like others said I loved Sandberg’s interview stories, but you put your own flair on this site and definitely elevated it with a bunch of changes when you redesigned it. The content on the Legacy side is awesome history to view and I like that you added a store but still disappointed I couldn’t buy a Thundercat Rewind Wrap by the time I discovered it. Welcome Pat! Hope you keep moving the site forward for us Green Bleeders!

  15. Thanks for the steering the ship Kale. I’m not so sure about this Pat guy. Doesn’t he drive an International pickup?

  16. Thanks Kale for all the hard work you’ve done keeping AI going,
    Great job!
    And Good luck in your future endeavors…
    Gonna miss you!
    Welcome Pat
    I’ve seen your name many times reading articles about sledding,
    Looking forward to more interesting info on AI
    And thanks for keeping it going!

  17. John , yourself and Pat have such a great passion for this brand and thank all of you for what you have done and Pat I know you will do well! thanks my friends!

  18. Kale,

    Sad to see you go! You captained the ship of ACi during what I would call, generously, a less-than-desirable period in Arctic Cat history. I’m sure all of us complaining (myself included) in the comments over these first Textron years often tested your patience. But, you should know I sno-checked a 2025 ZR 858 so I’m holding up my end of the rhetoric.

    Anyway, I appreciate all you’ve done for the site and the brand.

    Looking forward to Pat’s take on all things Arctic Cat, and if I may make a suggestion for a podcast: get Kale and Sandberg on with at least 1 case of beer and let the episode flow Joe Rogan style!


    • Hey Jason, I appreciate your kind words and everyone else who has taken the time to comment. These all mean a lot to me! Ive enjoyed meeting and interacting with you all. This site has definitely been a labor of love with some challenging moments, but the majority have all been positive and fun. Ive always had a job outside of ArcticInsider, but I am changing career paths with an entirely new job. The reality for me, I just won’t have the available free time to dedicate to this site like it needs, and I don’t want to see any faithful readers, or Arctic Cat, get short-changed. Pat is off to a great start, and I have no doubt in my mind he can continue to elevate this site like I have, and Sandberg before me.

  19. Kale, glad I finally got to meet you in person at Haydays last year. Talking to Mike Kloety. Don’t be a stranger you can always roam the pits at Princeton & Haydays. As for Pat, I’ll have to re-introduce myself to him. My 1st meeting with him was at the Old Haydays track. He came up to me while I was standing in line to race,.Holding my custom painted helmet by Bob Utne. He told me he personally knew him. We talked for a couple minutes before I had to get on the line to race.

  20. Thanks Kale. I think you’ve been a great steward of what John started. Your interview with Pat and the comments here pretty much capture how I feel about this site. I hope Textron/Cat truly appreciates what you guys have done here. I will tell you that I’ve never owned a Cat. I love the sport, and I admire and respect the passion for this brand. I’ve always appreciated getting a peek behind the scenes. There is a very good chance that I will own some version of a Catalyst in the future. Thanks to all of you for making me feel like part of the family! Best to Pat…I have no doubt AI is in great hands!


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