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Just Released: 2017 Arctic Cat VLX 700 ATV

2017 Arctic Cat VLX 700 Value leader ATV. On

Arctic Cat just released the 2017 VLX 700 ATV, a full-sized machine with 700-class power with an MSRP of just $5,999 U.S. ($7,199 Canada)!

As Cat says, that’s 400-class pricing for a 700cc machine.

Here are the VLX 700’s featured goodies:

*Arctic Cat’s quality starts with a rugged HSLA robotically welded frame and super-tough body panels

*High-strength tubular steel front and rear racks

*Duramatic™ automatic transmission

*Arctic Cat-built H1 engine for superior power, and featuring closed-loop electronic fuel injection for maximum fuel range and easy operation.

*Mechanical on-the-fly 2WD/4WD.

*Rear 2″ receiver with 1,050 lbs. of towing capacity

*The engine is built at Cat’s St. Cloud, Minn., facility, and the machine is assembled in Thief River Falls, Minn.

*Spec’s below

2017 Arctic Cat VLX 700 Value leader ATV. On

2017 Arctic Cat VLX 700 Value leader ATV. On

2017 Arctic Cat VLX 700 Value leader ATV. On



  1. Can a person buy a speedometer and add that to the pod? I love the idea behind this quad, but I do like to know how fast I am traveling and how far I have traveled.

  2. What did they do for a fuel gauge? Cap-Gauge? Low Fuel Blink on MIL Lamp?

    I second JimR’s statement, If not an accessory speedometer, at least an hour meter for maintenance reasons?

    Now take the $10,000 TBX and strip it down like this one and sell it for $6999, then it would be the ultimate Work/Farm Machine, at a great price point.

  3. This is really a nice wheeler for the money. It makes a person not feel so bad when they put a scratch on it. Think about it, a brand new wheeler that in many instances cheaper than a few year old wheeler.. oh yea !!

  4. Im interested in this and the can am L models. Have to remember though that the 700h1 only has 41hp. The cam am 450 with 38hp is the same price and comes with an odometer. The can am 570 with 48hp is $800 more. Resell value is much greater on the can ams too. Polaris has similar price atvs too but I do not like their quality or durability.

  5. For hunting this thing is the rig.
    I have a older 650H1, the torque is unreal, pulled out a full sized moose out of a cut block (with help of the winch).
    Not sure of the Ground clearance of the New Can Am or Polaris units, but I know for off trail riding I leave the older ones behind when crossing stumps and boulders.
    They keep getting hung up on stuff.
    The 650 H1 is like a skidder in the bush, I run down 2 inch aspens, front end comes up and the quad just comes back down and flattens them.
    Hook up to the deer, turn around and repeat!
    I am pretty sure that not many units on the market will match the torque of the big single 700 H1 Thumper.
    I am going to check one out for sure for the wife or kids at that price point.

  6. Only thing I’m concerned with is the front diff. I went and talked to the dealer and they said the front is a “turf saver mode” diff. Meaning its an open (possibly lsd) differential. I can deal with out the speedo and all the other blings, just wish it had a locker like my 06 and 15 do.

    For anyone curious, it has 3.1 gears in it, suspension is there basic ride in suspension. Making a lift super easy (keep it under 2 inch lift with stock axles).

    Though I’m checking out the mechanical 4wd lever to see if I can adapt that over to ome of my older bikes. I’m not wanting to replace a 300$ actuator If I can set it up for this mechanical advantage.

    So one thing that would knock this bike out of the park is a locking front diff, keep it all the way it is.

    I’m going to pull the wiring schematic to see if you can add a speedo cluser or if you have to change more.

  7. Come on Now…. Adding all the Foo Foo stuff just gives you more to worry about! My wife and I bought both a vlx700 his and a alterra500 hers! The alterra has a shifter issue and has been since we brought them home off the showroom floor! Her 500 has all the “Foo Foo” crap; it was a $10k machine and has a broken shifter shaft that is either poorly designed; or their welder was smoking too much crack that day and forgot (a minimum of 2 spot welds) along with a poorly placed spot, that was broken out of the box> the problem gets worse for the 500… Artic Cat refuses to admit this is a problem! It should be a recall. A well built machine would have included a complete TIG weld at the frame! On the other hand… MY 700 IS THE BEST! No problems, Great break in… A savior for Artic Cat? If the Alterra is the Best? Maybe if you like to look at the lcd readout in the Garage!

  8. Kd: The VLX 700 is 41HP, the “other” 700’s are higher, some MUCH Higher.

    Wayne D: that is correct, most of the smaller machines this competes with have MUCH less torque.

    Jeff: Dump the EFI for a speedometer….No Thanks!

    Shaun Kangas: The mechanical front diff with lock option would be nice, I like my 2000 300 with diff lock mod.

    Silas: It must be something with just your machine(s)..I have a 2000 Cat 300 4×4, 2011 XC450i, and a 2012 TBX700 (power steering) and all the other goodies…NEVER had an issue.


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