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Just the Beginning: 4-second/88-mph Wildcat in 300 ft. of Sand

Glenn Hall sand dragging his Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV

What is a 4.061-second, 87.98-mph blast in just 300 feet of sand?

For Team Arctic racer Glenn Hall and this heavily modified Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV, it’s just the beginning.

With slow sand conditions at the West Michigan Dragway event in Silver Lake, Mich., Hall wasn’t able to crack the high-3s, but it will happen… and soon.

This is no ordinary Arctic Cat Wildcat: STM Powersports has swapped the stock engine with a turbo-charged 1100 4-stroke twin out of an Arctic Cat snowmobile. Then they swapped in a larger turbo, plus snowmobile clutches.

The result: 550 horsepower, baby!

World’s fastest UTV? Maybe!

I’m paying very close attention to this effort. It’s getting REALLY interesting…

Glenn Hall sand dragging his Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV



  1. Hello, wanted to ask a couple of questions , I have a 2013 artctic cat wildcat 1000, and am having trouble with belts , they keep busting , done tried an EPI belt, it didn’t last at all, any suggestions, please help

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