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Legends: The I-500 XC and Roger Skime

Roger Skime, VP of Engineering at Arctic Cat

Among the 124 racers who will leave the starting line of the USCC I-500 cross-country race this morning in Thief River Falls, Minn., only one is a Vice President of Engineering for a snowmobile manufacturer.

As if the legend of Roger Skime (above) wasn’t already larger than life… the 66-year-old’s return to racing his favorite event is probably sending a shockwave through the company’s upper management.

Racing a Sno Pro 500 that he purchased last week at RV Sports in TRF, Roger will once again feed his insatiable passion for cross-country snowmobile racing by pounding the snow-filled ditch lines and snaky rivers of NW Minnesota.

While the Roger’s boss might not be thrilled about the situation, Roger’s entry galvanizes the immeasurable pride and loyalty that Cat employees have for the man and the company he’s so completely shaped for nearly 50 years.

If Arctic Cat the company had a soul, it would be Roger Skime. And this is just one of the thousands of reasons why.

Good luck to the number 66X sled, as well as all the other racers who have entered this incredible race!

Stay tuned for more updates as covers the I-500 throughout the weekend.  

Roger rocking the ditch between TRF and Warren on Day 2



  1. Roger,you are the true superman of arctic cat!!!Please don’t get hurt, this company needs you more than you can imagine!! I will be riding from michigan to TRF in february, I would love to buy you a beer at the BLACK CAT!!!Celebrating 40 years riding ARCTIC CAT!!!!!

  2. Good luck, Roger! We are all so excited, proud of you and love you! For you fans out there reading this, where is this 99.3 radio station at? I’d like to call them and educate them on my brother-in-law. I hear that they said that Roger, Joey and another guy were seniors and unskilled! Furthest thing there is from the truth and I think they should be straightened out. They obviously know nothing about Arctic Cat, Roger or anything else to do with Arctic Cat racing.

  3. GO ROGER GO! That is just awesome! We’re all rooting for you!

    Keep us posted on his daily adventures out on the course, too!

    Days like these make you even more proud to be an Arctic Cat owner!

  4. Awesome job today! Keep up the good work. Always remember, the most important thing about racing is having fun and being with your friends. Always make sure you have a good time!! Love you lots!

  5. Great job racing today Dad! You will always be my favorite racer. I’m very proud of you and all of your accomplishments at Arctic Cat. Good luck and be safe during the next two days of racing. I love you!

  6. Way to go Grandpa! Two days of racing down, one more day to go! I had so much fun watching you today. It was so exciting! You are doing great and good luck tomorrow! I love you!

  7. Another awesome day!! It was fun being right where the action is. Two days down, one to go. Keep up the good work!! Love you lots!

  8. Well Grandpa, you did it! I always knew you could! I know how proud you must be of your accomplishment. I am so proud of you! Great job racing! I love you!

  9. You did it Papa! You did great out there! Even though it was a rough three days, you still had fun. Great job! I love you!

  10. You did an amazing job racing Dad! I’m so proud of you for finishing all three days. I know snowcats are a huge part of your life and now you can add completing the I-500 to your list of accomplishments. I’m very thankful you finished safely. I love you!

  11. Wonderful job racing!! It was so awesome to see you cross the finish line. Three days down, zero to go! Completing the I-500 is a huge accomplishment. You can be proud of yourself. Way to go!! Love you lots!

  12. This is undoubtedly the coolest story I have heard in a VERY long time. In the day in age, when companies look only at the bottom line and how to save a buck, you have a company (Arctic Cat) who is loaded with folks that have a true pashion for the products they build enough so that they would punish themselves to prove it.
    Amen folks! Awesome work. Roger is a true class act, I was able to meet him last year and after talking with him for a few minutes, it seemed like I knew him all my life. These are the people that have made Arctic Cat what it is today and what separates them from the rest. AC do NOT ever forget your roots! These are the people that got you where you are today!

  13. i thank you for the AWS front suspension in all versions, since then i NEVER got passed or left behind i always give them a little headstart, its real cool that you can still race and cross the finish line, that goes to show me and the other big three that you can design the worlds best front suspension, i still think that the F-7 carb or EFI in the chaincase version are the fastest,also rollercam is not as good as friction button,using friction button on the driven pulley i went from dead stop to 112 MPH in less than a quarter mile on the GPS, my first snowmobile was a 1978 panther 5000 may it rest in peace but i still got the receipt man your the coolest


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