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I was fortunate enough to catch Santa during his visit to the Factory in Thief River Falls this week. Both Santa and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

The entryway to the Arctic Cat Factory looked incredible decked out in ZR and Mud Pro Christmas trimmings. I asked Santa for a new Alterra 600 EPS…crossed fingers.


  1. Merry Christmas Kale and to all whose blood runs green.
    My hope for the new year is that the new Catalyst platform lives up to the corporate hype and truly leapfrogs the Big Two in all aspects of sled design, technology, quality, and performance; it would be nice to see Cat recapture market share vs its current distant third place position in sales (would help Textron justify its original financial investments in the business and future support).

  2. It would be a very Merry Christmas if my rxc 600 was in my shop ready to ride. Hopefully Santa sent some elf’s and parts to Thief River Falls! The tree is lit, dressed and ready for gifts oh what a surprise it would be to see that green machine under the tree ?

  3. So Kale? If one wanted to gain some clearance on a 2022, would all you need is the lower control arms on the Alterra? My 22 has been stellar. It pushes snow like no buddies business. Starts at -18 which my 2002 hated. Love this quad. Thank you Cat and Textron for making quality important. My 2022 RR is pretty sweet. Just need a day to install the scratchers and mirrors. Krom? Any good information on this?

    • Ill have to ask the question for 100% certainty, but I do believe the high clearance a-arms from a 2023 Alterra model like the Black Hills Edition or Mud Pro will fit on 2022 Alterras.

  4. Krom is right they are not all built! They are waiting for parts to come in so they can finish builds and ship. I’ve heard anywhere from 3 weeks to possibly mid February before all consumers may have them. It’s totally ridiculous especially being I ordered mine in the spring as well as other consumers. We were told to get our orders in so that there would be no waiting. I’ve already missed a few times I could have ridden this year. While I hate to cancel out my order on my dealer who has been great to deal with through the years I also hate to wait till mid winter to possibly the end of winter to get my spring order.


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