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New Sport-Utility Side-by-Side from Textron Off Road

New Sport-Utility side-by-side from Textron for 2017. Photo by

New Sport-Utility side-by-side from Textron for 2017. Photo by

During its dealer presentation yesterday, Textron Off Road announced a coming-this-fall side-by-side aimed directly at the Sport-Utility segment of the SxS market.

They didn’t tell us the name, but they gave some pretty compelling spec’s:

More than 100 hp, KING shocks, bucket seats, extended cab, usuable storage, and available in fall 2017.

Wildcat XX side-by-side by

Likewise, they also announced that the Wildcat XX won’t be available until spring 2018. The reason: they want to be sure it’s fully baked before pulling it out of the oven. Much as I’m disappointed that we have to wait even longer, I applaud the decision.

125-hp Yamaha 998 triple engine, KMC wheels with 30-in. skins, massive suspension travel and badass styling, this is another machine that captures my FULL attention.

More to come on both models in the coming months.



  1. Tom: Yes, they will be available to existing Arctic Cat dealers. I’m guessing at this point, but I would venture to say that AC dealers will order the models they want from Textron Off Road, choosing what they want from the Prowler, Wildcat, Alterra and Stampede lines.

  2. I was hoping they would have either kept both the arctic cat name and the textron off road name or drop the textron name and kept the arctic cat name. I would love to see the arctic cat name, logos, and styling stay on the dirt machines as I think the textron off road vehicles looks like a cheap piece of crap that have not been around very long. I also hope that the people at arctic cat will still have a job on the dirt line of things and that all of the arctic cat dealers are still willing to be dealers after this terrible change.

  3. Arctic cat atvs have been around since 1996 and and with in a month of textron takings over the name is gone? I thought that the arctic cat name was suppose to stay with the new ownership but sad day for the arctic cat faithful!

  4. So what happens if you have a two dealers one who was Bad Boy Buggies before, and one who was Arctic Cat close to each other within say 20 miles or maybe even in the same town. Will they both get all Textron Offroad products or just the ones that they had access to before? Or will one of them loose items. Hard to see them letting keep two Textron Offroad dealers in the same town.

  5. They can call it Textron Off Road all they want. They can even incorporate Arctic Cat Snowmobiles into “Textron Off Road”. As long as the machines are made by Arctic Cat employees and have the Arctic Cat name and Cat symbols on it. To me “Textron Off Road” should just be used as the identifying company title for ALL of their off road products including snowmobiles. My point is Arctic Cat should be the name brand made under the Textron Off Road title. They are keeping Arctic Cat for snowmobiles but not Arctic Cat for the dirt products. Does not make sense. Big mistake. Arctic Cat dirt products should be made and named Arctic Cat under the Textron Off Road title. Looks like they are using the Arctic Cat colors on their new side by side.

  6. Hopefully Textron puts the 850mpe engine in the Wildcat Trail XT.
    And if they do I will buy one in a minute…..
    No matter WHAT they call it!

  7. I agree that they should keep the Arctic Cat name and logos on all the units. I have heard that they will keep the Arctic Cat name for awhile and ease into the “Textron off road” name. I am disappointed that they will not make the RG Pro model anymore, but am excited that the XX will come out in spring of 2018, not soon enough though. Also that they will upgrade the motors in the Wildcat Sport and Trail models as well. So pretty excited to see that happen as well.

  8. I have heard there is an all electric version of the Prowler in the works. Can anybody verify this for me. I currently own a BB Buggy Recoil, and I would like to see a more utility version EV on the market. I would definitely trade for a machine like that. Had a Polaris Ranger EV for my first ev and it was junk. If this rumor is true I hope they do a better job than Polaris did on theirs.

  9. A few weeks ago I sold my SXS from the competitors brand hopping to get the New Textron Wildcat XX 2018 and I would like to know if it’s going to be good for handling Trails and Mud, I live in Costa Rica and we do not dunes or deserts, we have lots of trails and mud..


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