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Newsbits 2-11-16: Jump to These for Infotainment

newsbits stories about wonky snowmobilers

They say art imitates life. Please, don’t imitate some of this week’s featured stories.

Avalanche videos are becoming almost regular nowadays thanks to the proliferation of GoPro cameras. THIS AVALANCHE VIDEO has a happy ending, but it’s still a good warning to all mountain riders.

Snowing snowballs?!? While THIS STORY would be 100X better with a picture, it’s interesting to know that nature can produce snowballs.

Please, don’t ever be THIS GUY, who trespasses with his 12-year-old son on snowmobiles, then flees to leave his son to handle the police.

On the flipside, here’s a great story about Team Arctic’s Hubert Fixsen, who will be inducted into the Snowmobile Hall of Fame this weekend.

I’ll admit it: I see my 15-year-old-self in these teenagers who were caught riding snowmobiles on an airport runway.



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