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Notes from the Last Week of December

If I was a Twitt(erer), here are some of the various things I would have Tweeted this past week or so:

Arctic Cat Hood Latch Repair Kit

-Ever break the tab that your rubber hood latch is supposed to secure to? Cat has a new Hood Tab Latch Repair Kit (above, P/N 5639-498) for Crossfire and M Series. It includes two pins and is a whole bunch cheaper than a new hood.

-According to Speedwerx, their new 2010 800 HO lightweight muffler drops 10-11 lbs. and is quieter than the stock can.

-If you bought a new Sno Pro 500, check the belt deflection. Reports indicate that it’s out of spec on many sleds that came from the factory. Think of it as free horsepower.


Arctic Cat racer Ryan Simons

-Team Arctic/Christain Bros. Racing snocrossers Ryan Simons (above) and Logan Christian will race the USCC cross-country in Grafton, ND, on Jan. 2. Logan will be on a Sno Pro 500.

-Their teammate, Garth Kaufman, is planning to race the I-500.

-Look for some famous old-school Team Arctic racers to race the I-500 aboard Sno Pro 500s. Aaron Scheele, Joey Hallstrom and Paul Dick are confirmed. Hallstrom is working hard to encourage Brad Pake and Jeremy Fyle to join the fray.

-Jeff Johnson, owner of one of the coolest collection of vintage (and will-someday-be-vintage) Arctic Cats, and his sons have formed King Kat Racing. They are making a run a the famed Soo 500 enduro.


Team Arctic oval racer, P.J. Wandersheid

-Team Arctic Oval star and 3-time World Champion P.J. Wanderscheid (above) just landed a hefty sponsorship with DRIFT clothing.


2010 Model Arctic Cat ATVs in Moab, Utah

-Arctic Cat has a new gizmo on some of their 2010 ATVs that improves their ride quality immensely. I rode it in Moab, Utah (above), about 10 days ago and I wouldn’t buy an ATV w/o it. Full disclosure on Jan. 15.


Bird meets grille while looking at ArcticInsider

-And the ultimate, sacrificial tweet… even birds are interested in what’s going on at

Stay tuned for more Tweets next week.



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