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Photo Randomness: October 2013

The accumulation of photos is an ongoing situation here at HQ, to the point that I might soon have to buy my first external hard drive because the Commadore 64 will have reached its capacity.

Until that happens, I’m reprising the monthly Random Photo Essay so that you too can enjoy some of the lesser-seen sights in the world of Arctic Cat.


Arctic Cat Wildcat giving love to the Minnesota Vikings

If you’re not a Minnesota Vikings fan, I apologize for this. If you are a fan, well… I apologize.

While their 2013-14 season has suffered severe burndown, at least Arctic Cat fans can take some solace that a sweet Wildcat burns onto the field during home games.


Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson give Arctic Cat snowmobiles to his offensive line.

Adrian Peterson, the Viking’s star running back who rushed for 2,097 yards during the 2012 season (the second-highest single-season total in NFL history), rewarded his offensive line with brand new Arctic Cat snowmobiles. Read MORE ABOUT IT HERE.

Apparently they were thinking more about riding sleds than playing football during last night’s crushing by the Green Bay Packers.


Ingemar Stenmark, one of the greatest skiers and an Arctic Cat snowmobiler.

Okay, as long as I’m talking celebrities, here’s a photo of the man that many consider to be the greatest alpine skier ever: Ingemar Stenmark. The photo is of a 1981 issue of Skoter, a Swedish snowmobile magazine, in which Stenmark rode a handful of Arctic Cat snowmobiles. Paid schill or true passion, I do not know.

Thanks to Bengan Westerlund for the photo.


Arctic Cat Backcountry rider Rob Kincaid rides with friends.

These gals aren’t paid to party on Rob Kincaid’s steed. No sir, beautiful women the world over are clamoring to test the Arctic Cat backcountry rider’s M8000 Sno Pro with the Speedwerx Supercharger and the Bengal wrap.


USXC Cross-Country snowmobile racing. Photo by

On to more serious matters… the upcoming race season. In little more than one month we’ll have seen the results of the first snocross and cross-country races of the season, soon followed by the first ovals and hillclimbs.

I wonder if Arctic Cat is going to clean house in USXC cross-country like they did last season? I’m hearing rumblings that several top Cat racers are going to pick-and-choose various events, rather than concentrate on winning the USXC Championship.


Team Arctic Race Manager Mike Kloety (right... obviously)

Here some answers to those questions IN THIS GREAT PODCAST with Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager, on SnoX365.


Brian Nelson Enduro Team Deere photo by Race & Rally

Want to read about a little controversy about Nelson’s 1976 I-500 victory aboard his John Deere Liquidator? Click THIS LINK to and read his Ride-of-My-Life rebuttal to the allegation by Polaris riders that Nelson was aided by helicopter communication to win in ’76.

I suppose it’s time for me to come clean and admit that my own 38th place in the 1991 I-500 (aboard a Prowler Special) was aided by helicopter, F-14 fighter jet, satellite and little green men.


Snowmobile classified ad in Snow Week circa 1982

As long as we’re talking far-fetched conspiracy theories, what if I were to tell all the vintage Arctic Cat collectors that Team Arctic legend Davey Thompson was selling update parts for Arctic Cat Sno Pro oval racers?


Snowmobile classified ad in Snow Week circa 1982

Or that Davey was also selling a custom-built Sno Pro chassis?

Well, if you can borrow the Deere helicopter and transport yourself back to 1982, you can buy a copy of Snow Week magazine. In it, you’ll find the classified section where Thompson is advertising all this stuff.

Just bring some cash and be ready to cash in 30 years later.


4-time Eagle River Champ P.J. Wanderscheid.

As long as we’re on the subject of Team Arctic oval race legends, now is a good time to publicly thank 4-time Eagle River World Champ P.J. Wanderscheid for sporting an ArcticInsider decal on his race rig for the past couple of seasons.


Tucker and Kirk Hibbert ignore the warning.

This photo of Tucker and Kirk Hibbert from 2008 is pretty funny, at least to my eyes. It was shot at a ranch in South Dakota owned by a die-hard Polaris rider. The Hibberts are friends with the owners.

The Hibberts have spent some time again this year testing in South Dakota in preparation for the upcoming snocross season.


Team Arctic snocrosser Cody Thomsen. Photo by

Cody Thomsen is another Arctic Cat snocrosser who’s getting ready for the season. The Team Arctic Factory racer has fully recovered from his season-ending injury at Canterbury last year.


Arctic Cat model kits. Photo by

Meanwhile, while all the racers are getting their bodies and sleds tuned for the coming season, I’ve been busy putting together some models and listening to records.

The Arctic Cat El Tigre/Chevy Truck model and the WetBike/Mustang are sweet memorabilia from the Ische Family collection.


Arctic Cat 45 records. Photo by

Same with the soothing sounds of this pressed vinyl. Easy on the ears, I tell ya!

Thank for reading!



  1. The Speedwerx Bengal Tiger sled looks like its smiling. Now every time Kincaid goes to ride its going to be like dude what did you do with my girls? I’ve never been happier and now I’m stuck with you.

  2. And we also saw two Liquidators at Waconia last Spring, what cool sounding, pretty things they were. In a John Deere sort of way.

  3. If you put all of your leftover Halloween candy in the back of that 73 El Tigre it would make a great piñata at your next party.

  4. What? You mean to tell me Jack ‘the road-runner’ Struthers may have bent some rules? meep, meep. meep, meep.

    Say it ain’t so.

  5. John,

    Great to see Brian’s I-500 Liquidator posted here on “Liquidator Insider”, LOL! And, yes, my friend Larry Preston’s book “Starfire Kids” told the story of Brians first I-500 win in a “different light” than the Deere guys see it. It’s really awsome to see such passion for a race that took place 38 years ago though…

    Maybe I can get a support helicopter to carry my busted up Liquifire across the line in the vintage class next year! Might be my only chance at finishing…


  6. Love the I-500 story. I have found that when someone is certain that you were cheating, it’s because they were cheating and they can’t believe you still beat them!

  7. A wise man once told me, “It’s only cheating if you get caught.” That same guy also sticks Arctic Insider stickers on my back every time I see him.


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