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Product Spotlight: ProVantage Winch Kit & Wireless Remote

Arctic Cat ProVantage Winch with Wireless Remote

Got an ATV or side-by-side? Then you either already have a winch, or you will within 24 hours of the first time you need one.

The newest ProVantage Winch Kit and accessory Wireless Remote from Arctic Cat are exactly the kind of saviors you’d expect them to be.


Here’s the facts:

*Designed and engineered by Arctic Cat and WARN

*Delivers 3,000 lbs. of reliable pulling capacity via a powerful permanent magnet motor.

*An all-metal gear end housing and mechanical brake ensure long lasting performance.

*The continuous backlit illuminated rocker switch eases nighttime use, especially while plowing.

*Available with 50 feet of either 3/16-in. Spydura synthetic rope or durable wire cable, each with a premium fairlead that minimizes wear while maximizing performance.

Arctic Cat Wireless Remote for Winch

*The custom-fit wire harnesses and connections ease installation and whole system is remote-ready for the optional Wireless Remote Upgrade Kit (above) that delivers consistent performance within a 50-ft. radius.

*Fits the front and rear of Wildcat Trail and Sport models.

*ProVantage Winch kit options are also available for additional Arctic Cat models.

Arctic Cat ProVantage Winch with Wire Cable

*The MSRP is $459.95 U.S./$627.95 Canada for the wire cable winch (above). The Part Number is 2436-105.

Arctic Cat ProVantage Winch with Nylon Rope

*The MSRP is $579.95 U.S./$791.95 Canada for the Spydura synthetic rope winch. The Part Number is 2436-106.

*Available now at your friendly local Arctic Cat dealer.




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