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Pump Away

Cold weather hand pump for...snowmobiles?

“Decide which hand you want to use, and pump away.”

There you have it.



  1. Does not look like there is too much going on at Arctic Cat lately. I check your site everyday, excited for something new, and I am thinking that Textron is not throwing you any bones lately. Some fairly lame info as of recently.
    This is a great, informative site for us AC addicts. Lets get back on track!

  2. As a freestyle athlete I can tell you we bring a lot of value to the sport. I would love to get a deal with Textron to start making some news in the freestyle world.

  3. Well was hoping for good thing from Textron and seen them stepping in as a positive thing .However they have just terminated the best dealer I have ever worked with with no cause . They were moving good numbers had been around for 20plus years and were successful at it.However do to and disagreement over over some web sales which was still moving a ton of ā€œCATā€ parts and merchandise .Some bean counter at Cat decided they were hurting Cats own web sales .Unbelievable why they would do this . I have been a Cat customer for over 30years and have bought numerous machines in all the categories.In that time I have watched 3 dealers fail finally thought found a place where you felt at home where the owners cared and we are all friends and they treat all the customers that way .Now only to see Cat pull the dealership and give no reason.Obviously Cat does not care about its dealers nor the customers they serve .For this reason I have canceled my snow check and do not feel I will continue my dealings with Arctic Cat as disappointing as that is to me I bleed green but if my dealer picks up a new line that is probably where I will buy they are the ones who have looked after me and have always treated me fair.

  4. Cat’s website issues are that, in my humble opinion, the site is mired in the 1990’s. It’s clunky, hard to find stuff fast and often the sizing skips over the bigger guys needs or is sold out. I’ve bought all my riding gear lately off Country Cat. Their website runs better. When I call I get a warm body on the phone, not a robot. That way I know that either they have it in stock or they don’t. Frankly the entire outerwear industry needs to realize that not everyone stops at XXL. I’ve been trying real hard to find a chest protector, impact suit/body armor that’s quality and XXX or XXXX and no real luck.

  5. Any particular reason you have not debuted the new Alpha One M6000 just revealed at Haydays?
    This site used to be one top of the latest and greatest from AC……I guess not so much any more. šŸ™

  6. My apologies John! I certainly meant no disrespect or harm. Patience is a virtue….lacking on my end, and you always deliver. The anticipation of winter and riding got the best of me on that rude comment!
    I visit your site religiously on a daily basis and hoping for some exciting news.
    Looks like we got some!!


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