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Here’s What Happened at Hay Days (in 1978)

1978 Hay Days grass drags


Want to know what happened at Hay Days without having to brave the crowds, overpriced parking and other sundry stuff?

Well, here’s what happened…in 1978.

I recognize Mike McArdle’s name from the results…no surprise that he was tearing it up back in the day.


1978 Minnesota Snowmobiler magazine

Courtesy of Minnesota Snowmobiler magazine.

For those who want something a bit more fresh, I’ll see you the Annual Sno Baron’s Hay Days extravaganza happening in Minnesota this weekend. Be at the Arctic Cat booth at 1pm on Saturday to see the unveiling.



  1. So John, were the reveals on Saturday the Havoc’s and Wildcats or hopefully something snow related? I am sure that many others are wondering as well.


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