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Racer of the Year: Joey Hallstrom???

Arctic Cat's Joey Hallstrom is Racer of the Year


On the heels of the 2012 F1100 Turbo Sno Pro winning Snowmobile of the Year honors, another Arctic Cat icon earned a prestigious award:

Joey Hallstrom was named Racer of the Year (by his sponsor, Arctic Cat Lubricants).

The award/poster was displayed prominently in the Arctic Cat Oil booth at Hay Days, where many passersby stopped and asked themselves, “Self, what did Joey do to win this award?”

The answer: He won the inaugural Vintage Class in the USCC I-500.

THAT’S what I’M talking about!

Joey is playing coy about his intentions to defend his title, but I’m certain that when vintage racers line up in TRF aboard a fleet of leafers, ol’ Hollywood will be among those taking the green flag.




With a giant target on his back, Joey might be advised to cash in on potential sponsorship endorsements now, rather than banking on a repeat like Team Arctic’s Dale Cormican in 1968/’69 or Brad Pake in 1995/’96.

I myself and debating whether to attempt a finish in the vintage class, or try my luck aboard a Sno Pro 500 in the 85-HP class.

Knowing that a win in the vintage class will also net Racer of the Year honors is terribly tempting (even though there are a half-dozen more capable racers in the class).

But no matter what, I’m using Arctic Cat Oil.

Anyone besides me looking to possibly dethrone Hollywood at this year’s Vintage I-500?


Aaron Scheele is a top contender to overtake Hollywood

If I had to make a bet right now, my money would be on the guy who’s smiling. And wearing a hat. On the right!

Yep, Team Arctic’s Aaron Scheele is the guy to beat. It’s nice that Aaron can give ol’ Joel a hug for the camera.


Cowboys and Arctic Cats

All the cool cowboys wear chaps/spurs, walk with a swagger and drive white pickup trucks (when they’re not riding horses). I know Bobby Flame (right) bought an El Tigre at Hay Days and is considering racing the I-500.


Joey and Rob Powers

Rob Powers from Yamaha could unveil an expertly prepped Bravo and make a run at Joey.


Joey and Jolene Bute

Team Arctic Superwoman Jolene Bute doesn’t appear too worried about Joey getting in the way of her notching another I-500 win.


ArcticInsiders kiss of death?

A “kiss-off, Joey!” taunt, a shameless plug for my site or an uncomfortable/awkward moment caught on camera? Probably all of the above.


Joey and Joey

How about it Joey, you going to go for the repeat, or go out on top with all the accolades and adoration?

Arctic Cat's Joey Hallstrom is Racer of the Year



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