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Random Photos & Comments 4-20-12

I obtain an obscene number of photos throughout the days, weeks and months. Some I take myself, others I pilfer from the internets and many are graciously sent to me.

All have an Arctic Cat twist. So it’s time once again to share them with you.


Antique Arctic Cat snowmobiles from ASCOA

I’ll start with some antique red Cats. These images from the Antique Snowmobile Club of America (ASCOA) meeting in Big Bay, Mich., were sent to me from Gary Koska.


Antique Arctic Cat snowmobiles from ASCOA

Arctic Cat Model 170D.


There’s something so approachable about antique sleds, in part because of their slow, lumbering cadence, but also because the riders (understandably) don’t wear helmets.


Antique Arctic Cat snowmobiles from ASCOA

Some friendly race action. Glad to see the Panther is leading this competition.


Team Arctic Cat Women Snocross racers

Knocking off several decades of historical timeline, here’s an excellent photo of four awesome Pro/Am Team Arctic women snocross racers, taken at the Lake Geneva  National this past March. (L-to-R): Megan Campbell #563; Sasha Cook #107; Samantha Tarnowski #234 (Rear right); and Courtney Petosky #799 (Rt side in front). Thanks for flying the colors, ladies! And thanks to Shawn Hopkins for sending the image.


Team Arctic's Jeremy Fyle at the '92 Jeep 500

More chronological wonkiness, this time with a photo of Jeremy Fyle getting topped off with fuel during the 1992 Jeep 500 cross-country race. I promise I’ll post an interview with Jeremy within the month. Great guy, still as passionate about snowmobiling as he was even in ’92.


Black Magic jersey for sale?

Speaking of 1992… how about the sunglasses on the Black Magic babe! Maybe she also used those shades while welding exhaust pipes?


Arctic Cat ZRs battling at ERX Snocross

Sweet shot of Shane Gerwing (left) battling with friend/teammate Ryan Bowers at an ERX snocross aboard mid-school Arctic Cat ZRs.


ERX Snocross

That’s Shane in the middle and Ryan on the left, proudly displaying the hardware they won for risking their lives, flying ZRs higher and further than humanly possible. Nice season of racing guys, and good luck on the dirt tracks this summer.


Gerard Krempasky, Team Arctic USCC East Racer

This is Gerard Krempasky, a Team Arctic cross-country racer on the USCC East circuit.

Gerard Krempasky, Team Arctic USCC East Racer

Gerard wins extra bonus points for being kind enough to incorporate the ArcticInsider logo on his sweet sled wrap. Thanks Gerard!


Custom Arctic Cat Lynx One Lunger

Here’s a cool shot of a custom One Lunger racer put together by some guys at Brother’s Motorsports in Brainerd, Minn. It’s a 1969 Arctic Cat Lynx done up in 2011 LE livery like the Crossfire behind it.


Speedwerx prototype snowmobile from the late 1990s

Speaking of custom… check out this VERY custom sled that Steve Houle of Speedwerx created back in 1996-97. Steve is one smart cookie, and he definitely saw where the sport was going with stand-up-style riding when he fabbed this machine.



Arctic Cat prototypes parked at Elk Lake Camp

2013 Arctic Cat snowmobiles at Elk Lake Camp

Check out this fleet of 2013 Arctic Cat prototypes, parked at Elk Lake Resort in Idaho, near West Yellowstone. I was part of a motley crew that rode there last March.


Arctic Cat crew at Elk Lake Resort

The crew consisted of Arctic Cat engineers, technicians, PR hacks, Team Arctic racers and the funniest stand-up comic in the world (Rob Kincaid, who also happens to be a racer).


Arctic Cat summertime fun

I love it, yet I’m also slightly disturbed by it at the same time.


Pabst Snowmobile Man

Pabst Snowmobile Dude signs off for now. Look for another random photo post in the near future…



  1. I’ll second what Mike just said. The random photo posts are one of my favorite features on ArcticInsider. Entertaining every time. Thanks John!

  2. Pluedy, when you make a custom sled, you can call it anything you like. That’s what Brother’s called this sled.


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