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Carl, from New Hampshire, shared a few photos of his Arctic Cat plush toys he’s collected. In his description, there are 11 collectibles with names, Stormy, Arti C, Max, Rad, Eddie, Link and Miss Kitty. There is also a large plush Panther, two snowmobiles (Black and Green) and a small panther from Cat’s Pride. These are collectibles I haven’t thought much about, but think they are pretty cool. I don’t have the time today to dig, but know I have more information from past ArcticWear accessory catalogs on specific years these were offered. If anyone has info on these, or others produced, post it in the comments. Thanks for sharing Carl! – Kale

Large plush Panther with collar.


  1. The small plush panther was from 2008 year cat’s pride arctic cat riders club, a promotional gift for the first 100 new members! A boy gift gets plush and T-shirt and a 2008 cat’s pride PIN.

  2. the 7 small cats have ear tags that give them a name the year it came out and a poem about the character.
    all where designed and produced specially for Arctic Cat by Doppler inc. and Hand Made in China.
    The Large plush Panther was shown in 1997/1998 cat catalog too!

  3. Large plush Panther, picture in arctic cat catalog 1997 and 1998.
    Stuffed Arctic Cat.
    This big plush stuffed animal is looking for an owner. Loves to cuddle and never eats.

  4. Miss Kitty.
    Miss Kitty’s real sweet, And fast on her feet, And that pretty face, Will win every race. year 2003.
    Link is the one, Who has lots of fun, On flats or on hills, He seeks all the thrills. year 2003.
    Eddie’s so cool, He’s got all the tools, Winter or spring, He makes the sleds sing. year 2001.

  5. Rad the snow cat.
    Max’s Rad brother, Can race like no other, On mountain or track, This cat can attack. year 2000.
    Max the cat.
    Always on the go, Speeding through the snow, Over fields and frozen lakes, Max the cat, Has what it takes. year 1999.
    Stormy the Thunder Cat.
    Stormy’s a fast cat, Through winter he prowls, He loves competition, They run from his growls. year 1999.
    Arti C. Cat.
    Arti’ is all cat from head to toe, He’ll run all day in the deep white snow, Cause as with all Arctic Cats,
    He’ll just Go, Go, Go, Go. year 1998.

  6. Don’t know what year the black and green plush bean bag sleds came out!
    They came with no other tag but just rear tag that says specially produced for Arctic Cat by Doppler Inc.
    Hand Made in China.
    If anyone knows more info about these plush sleds please comment I believe US Arctic Cat Fans would Love to no?


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