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What you don’t hear, is what sells so many people on the Prowler Pro and Prowler Pro Crew – Get behind the wheel, and you’ll quickly realize this Side-by-Side is the hands-down leader when it comes to engine and in-cab quietness. I’ve spent a solid 6+ months with my long term loaner 2022 Prowler Pro Crew LTD and have come to enjoy the noticeable upgrades to the drive system, suspension and ground clearance versus previous models.


The Prowler Pro Crew comes in three flavors for 2022: Base, XT and LTD. 

2022 Prowler Pro Crew Base

The Base model gets you started with Electronic Power Steering, 12.5-inches of ground clearance, newly designed 14-inch aluminum wheels and trimmed out with a new premium front bumper, standard doors and medium green bodywork.

2022 Prowler Pro Crew XT

The XT and LTD are two choice models upping the Prowler Pro ante with nearly three more inches of ground clearance than 2021 models (13- vs. 10.75-inches), 4,500lb winch and roof kit. The XT is available in Phantom with medium green accents and suspension springs, while the top-of-the-line LTD adds a storage console to the roof kit, comes in Fossil bodywork with Spark Orange accents, ROPS and matching Spark Orange suspension springs.  

The 2022 Prowler Pro Crew LTD


Like I mentioned above, the heart of the Prowler Pro is the industry’s quietest engine (58db), a 50-horsepower, 812cc EFI engine that’s as reliable as it is capable of handling a workload. Noise, vibration and harshness are all dampened by well-tuned engine mounts and an isolated exhaust system. I can’t stress this enough, the quietness of this engine is enough to sell me. When you have a people hauler like this one, the noiselessness (that’s a word) is welcome when you have passengers with you, especially kids. And as a hunter, who wouldn’t want to be stealthy traversing your hunting grounds? 

Speaking of hunting, I used the Prowler Pro Crew LTD on mostly hunting land and the CVTech TrailBloc clutches provided smooth take-offs when towing loaded utility trailers with logs, brush and equipment and loaded with passengers willing to help with the day’s chores. The throttle response was always quick, even on back road recreation rides.

When it comes to top speeds, the Prowler Pro Crew hovers between 55-60mph which is really respectable for such a large unit and 50-horsepower. It has plenty enough ponies to carry out any utilitarian task thrown at it, but if I could wave my magic wand for the times I really want to haul the mail on a spirited pure recreation trail ride, or take a long pull down a repurposed rail bed, I’d love to see the 998cc triple-cylinder Wildcat XX engine in a Prowler Pro. (Yes please!)

With 14-inch rims wrapped with 27-inch tires, the Prowler Pro Crew LTD is quite sharp looking.


For 2022, Arctic Cat greatly improved the stock ride quality of the Prowler Pro suspension with a lift kit to achieve increased ground clearance and the ability to run larger tires. The LTD I have, comes standard with 27-inch tires on 14-inch rims and they do a great job finding traction in both soft- and hard-terrains. If you own a Crew (of any brand), you have to drive it a bit smarter in rolling and off-camber terrain because of the elongated wheelbase to eliminate any high-centering. You’ll appreciate the 13-inches of ground clearance, but the handful of times I did scrape the bottom, I appreciated the full-length skidplate which helps glide over obstacles and protect from damage. 

The Prowler Pro Crew LTD has storage compartments everywhere including this nice pocket incorporated into the roof kit. The glovebox is spacious and a lower shelf under dashboard helps stow smaller items.


Storage capability is also another major selling point with me. I’m not sure what 17.95 cubic-feet of overall storage capacity means, but the Crew is capable of hauling a lot of stuff. If there was a space open during hunt-prep outings, we had it filled. The modular cab design allows for easy removal of the passenger seat to free up additional floor storage space. This came in handy several times for hauling deerstand parts, packs and work tools. The behind the seat storage was also welcome – when we didn’t have precious cargo like our cased rifles stashed back there, we filled it with miscellaneous things like tow straps, bungee cords, hand tools etc. The rear tilting cargo bed was designed to house a full pallet, and although we never had one in the back, we shuttled our fair share of rocks, gravel, black dirt and brush and firewood.


For my needs, the Prowler Pro Crew LTD checks the majority of my boxes with greatness outlined above, and I’d recommend purchasing one if you need major hauling capability either for passengers or “stuff”. One of the drawbacks of any UTV in Crew trim, is their size – They’re really big. For me personally, this is an inconvenience because I don’t have room to store it in my garage (It’ll take up a standard third stall) and if you are going to transport it, you’ll need an appropriately sized trailer. (I have a 16’ car hauler with a beavertail, and the Prowler Pro Crew LTD used up most of its length) For those personal reasons, I would purchase a standard Prowler Pro for all its same great attributes, but shorter length. 

My loaner came wired with the mount for Arctic Cat’s Garmin TREAD GPS. One of the great features of the Garmin TREAD is the ability to switch between vehicles, and what I did taking the unit I typically use on my snowmobile. Plug n Play is easy and quick.
The Prowler Pro has the ability to Lock and Unlock the rear differential for times traversing sensitive areas so tires don’t rip up lawns.
A convenient dash mounted rocker switch lets you reel the 4,500lb winch in/out from the drivers seat.
Plenty of holders for road sodas in the back seat. Very nice!
Accessory Rear mounted windshield
The accessory front mounted windshield is vented which helps control dust from swirling and entering the cab.
Our friends at Country Cat shared a great walk around video of a 2020 Prowler Pro Crew. Some of the specs on the 2020 vary from the 2022, but PJ does a great job in this video showcasing how the rear seats stow-away to create more storage room. One of my favorite features on the 2022 Prowler Pro Crew models.


  1. If you haven’t heard one of these running, it’s amazing, so quiet. Two things would make this a home run. Put a small turbo on it to boost the power. Second, full cab with heat and a/c. Really hope it happens. My current ride is a 2019 havoc, and love it, but time to upgrade soon. Thanks for the article Kale!

  2. Great article. One day I will have to give up my ATV preference for one of these guys. Love the ride and the silence is simply something you have to experience. For now, I am going to enjoy the hell out of my Alterra 600. Great Quad by the way.

  3. Wish you all would get one in the showrooms in the dealerships around here, probably missing out on a lot of sales I can’t think of anybody I know that would spend over $20,000 on something they can’t see and test drive ?
    Sounds like a super nice machine looks nice too thanks for listening I hope you heard…

      • It really seams like Textron is still making sure that tracker has plenty of inventory before building any AC branded machines..

        • From what I just listened to textron is keeping artic cat for the snow machines (sleds) and doing the dirt machines under textron. not very smart-as a consumer what would you buy a name brand Artic Cat or textron… they are making sure artic cat are not at the dealerships in spite of losing millions of dollars in sales,* two or three of our local dealersnips tell me artic cat is pre order only and has no idea when or if they will get any in, yet every week or so I see them sell out of the other name brands they have on the lot. artic cat would not stay on the lot if they put it out to the dealerships. another dealership told me textron has pulled artic cat from like 50%* of the dealerships, If they can’t show profit on paper it justifies ending the product line, or in this case moving it to another name. went to a bass pro shop they had a half dozen prowler pro’s (Tracker off road) on the floor and more in the warehouse I was told.
          Textron is a big conglomerate, not much maters except what management* puts on paper…
          hope someone is listening!

      • I live in Michigan, about 20 miles N. W. of Port Huron 48032, my closest dealer is grace performance in wadhams, they tell me artic cat is pre-order only and have no idea when or if they will get one in. I just drove to my nearest bass pro shop (about 75 mi.) they did not have the crew on the floor to look at, but i did get to sit in the regular three seater very nice I was interested in the drivers leg room,- (the best i’ve sat in) the salesmen said he was pretty sure the drivers leg room was the same in the crew??? bass pro only sells the textron version and do not have the color or graphic options of artic cat. we are very intrested in the crew xt by artic cat…

        Thanks in advance for any help!
        Don J. Jeddo Mich.

  4. It would have to be a tracker for us, have to admit we looked at one at Bass pro because I didn’t want to use vacation days from work to drive south to my dealer 3 hours away. Maybe the 78 Impala column shifters are on backorder causing the delay in shipments? Lol

  5. For those that use these everyday, do you open those quarter doors every time you get in or do you just hop over. That was the only thing I felt was awkward. They seem like a solid machine and roomy

    • The quarter doors are a bit too tall to just “hop over” and Im 5’16” tall. The opening/closing of them seems to become second nature and was never a contentious point. Sidenote – when engineering was in various stages of interior design with the Prowler Pro, I was often called over to see if the cab would fit a Wookiee. I fit nicely.

  6. You’re full of it if you think the crew ltd goes 55-60. It tops out at 45 at best, off the lot. Just had mine delivered. There’s also a bit of chatter in the drivetrain when getting into an initial launch unless you start with a heavy foot. There’s no real nice way of soft launch for tooling around the homestead. It’s a nice machine when it’s up to speed though, but it’s a bit rough around the edges. Also, what the heck is up with the side mirror pricing? Sheesh. Would be over $300 to put mirrors on both sides with those fancy ‘pro’ ROPS.

    BTW, the chattering in the driveline, we’re told by the dealer AND Textron, is the change in a stiffer belt, different clutch, and we’re just hearing the ‘play’ in the mechanical parts of the driveline. It does go away with 4wd/locked diff.


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