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RZ… ZRX…Sno Pro… What New Model Name?

Name the next Arctic Cat?

I’m signed up with Arctic Cat to receive “Arctic Circle” email notices (anyone can join HERE).

Last week an email arrived asking if I wanted to participate in a survey about snowmobile model names. Sure!

Clicking the link brought me a series of questions focused on seven different names:


F Series

M Series



Sno Pro


Questions elicited my emotional connection to “Speed,” “Cool,” “Hip,” “New,” “Strong,” etc.. for each model name, with multiple choice answers for each.

I’m speculating of course, but I wonder if this short survey might influence the model name of some future sleds?

Anyone else take the survey?

Any thoughts on these various model names?

What would you name the next generation/line of Arctic Cat snowmobiles?



  1. Bring back the ZR Sno Pro name and have the cross country version named ZRX Sno Pro. The Thundercat and Wildcat were also great names for the sleds. BRP still have the MXZX name, so why can’t AC keep the older names? I’m not to fond of the F series names, where did the “F” come from anyways.

  2. I miss the old names, I really wish they would get away from the two or three letter ones everyone has seemed to switch too. Thundercat or Wildcat sounds way more impressive than ZR1 Turbo.

  3. Good topic. I think names like Thundercat, Wildcat, (not sure about ZR) should stay retired for now. The ONLY way it works is if you bring it back with a sled that matches the type of sled that the original one was. Remember when Poo brought back the RXL name?? It must have wrecked everyone’s image of the famous oval racer when they did that — especially when some of the newer ones came with mirrors — ouch. Can you imagine a ‘Thundercat’ with anything but a triple triple? I can’t. Yamaha brought back the SRX name and it worked because the new SRX was equally as mean and nasty as the original. But PLEASE don’t bring back the old names with some new reinvented sled.

    Here’s one suggestion for the next gen line-up that incorporates the ZRX name:

    FR1100 for the four stroke trail sleds
    FRX1100 for the high performance four strokes (turbos)

    ZR800 for the two stroke trail sleds
    ZRX for the biggest and nastiest two stroke trail sled

    TZ1100 for the touring sleds

    LT1100 for the long track ‘work sled’
    LTZ1100 for the turbo charged work sled

    CTR800 for the crossover terrain sleds with two strokes
    CTX1100 for any turbo powered crossover sleds

    MC800 for the two stroke mountain chassis sleds
    MCX1100 for any turbo charged four stroker in a mountain chassis

  4. Call it SnoPro! SnoPro 500/600/800/1100/1100 Turbo. That way everyone and their brother can get a SnoPro 800 like theyve been begging for and AI wont have to write anymore articles on why those engines dont fit in a SnoPro chassis!!!!!!

  5. I would remove the Sno-Pro name from many models. It has nothing to do with a suspension set-up so stiff you could go jump over anything or sno cross racing machine. Sno-pro would only fit for a low, mean and very fast trail or ice racing machine. Same thing if they would only use the Z letter.

    I like Derek idea about Zrx. Zr as base model and Zrx with the upgraded suspention package or the snocross machines.

  6. I think anything with a “Z” or an “X” in it’s name sounds “fast” to me! We kind of got out of the trail riding when we switched to snocross racing. We call our race sleds “SnoPros” so it seems funny that when I hear of a snopro for sale, I look and see it’s a trail sled.
    I like old names like the Panther…I liked when Arctic Cat made the Panther a few years ago, retro style, with the hood decals like the 1967-69 Panthers and the leopard seat. My favorite cat is the 1968 Panther with the yellow leopard print seat and blue windshield…just like the one in my garage!

  7. I’m in my 40s, so I strongly identify with names from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Like el Tigre, Panther, EXT, Wildcat, Thundercat, Z, and ZR. Good or bad, many of these names have been diluted by overuse. I wonder if someone in their 20s has an emotional connection to these older names? Whenever the next gen sled arrives, will most buyers be in their 20s or 30s, 40s, etc…?

  8. “Hellcat” LOL. I surely remember that long-rumored name from the 1990s. How about the “Magicat” from Black Magic?!

  9. I’ve often wondered if who names the sleds at AC got ideas from US military aircraft.
    Bearcat, Wildcat were military aircraft.
    Hellcat was also but I heard name was not used because it could be controversial.
    Could the Fireball and Thunderbolt help create the Firecat and Thundercat

  10. im 22 and have a soft spot for el’tigre wildcat thundercat EXT Z and finally ZR
    2012 model year looks like it will be the year i buy a brand spankin new Cat.
    and i have faith that cat will spank the other brands with it.

  11. I like ZR, dont care one way or another about F, Im guessing that was an extension of the Firecat F7? I do like Sno Pro though. Nothing spells out winning and performance like that name!

  12. it would be easier to give the sled a name if we have seen it, for the sleds that already exist, I don’t think the twin spar name ever made much of a connection to the customer, I’d rather not refer to my F1000 as a twin spar, The F1000 part is ok I guess, I’d rather they had called it the F1000 Thunder Cat But on the other hand I never have really felt that my F10 has matched the expected performance of a ThunderCat so maybe it was best they didn’t call it the T-cat? That and the cfr 1000 and the Z1T are both faster sleds so it is prolly best they didn’t call it anything fancy..I was really happy with my firecat f7, to me that was the perfect name for that machine and the extra speed that sled had just made it that much sweeter of a deal… For the future? I guess with out seeing the sled it is hard to give it a name… The auto manufacturer’s have been selling cars using old names like mustang,camaro and challenger…perhaps cat could sell a few sleds if they dug out an old name from the archives like say for example el.tigre? I always wanted a new el,tigre back in the mid 80’s but could never afford one but now I can!! might be something to consider? No matter what though just make it really fast!!!

  13. Last year at Haydays Cat showed a bunch of concepts in a trailer in their booth. You got to choose what ones you liked. They wouldnt let you bring cameras in, so maybe we have seen the next sleds?

  14. Personally I am not a fan of “F Series” or “Z1″ or any of the newer sled names, except for…well.. Sno Pro 500..
    they should have never given up on the name”THUNDERCAT”, it’s legendary.
    Firecat, will also never be forgotten.

  15. Since Sandberg is probably already in bed due to his age or looking for his oatmeal and laxative in the retirement home…..

    Yeah – I got the same survey – drop the Sno Pro name…… meaningless.

    Bring back the ZR…. best name & icon on the snow….


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