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See the Ultimate Monster Barn-Find at Waconia

The first Monster Arctic Cat?

The Ultimate Barn Find to be Shown at Waconia

Pulled from an abandoned, ramshackled chicken coop in Northwestern Wisconsin, this Arctic Cat gem had bought/sold numerous times and forgotten for decades until recently being semi-restored its original glory…a glory that dates back to 1973, when the original owner, Kirk Hibbert, set out to build the very first mod sled Idaho would ever see.

Some snowmobile historians claim that this is one of the rarest cross-country race sleds on earth because of Hibbert’s unbelievable vision.

“Think about how crazy this is on so many levels”, claims snowmobile historian, Casey Hanson. “Not only did this Panther slip through the hands of time, but now we know Kirk Hibbert was responsible for the Monster Energy logo design…30 years before the beverage itself!”

“And what’s the real story behind the chosen number 68? Did Kirk, in 1973, not only sense a future son… but also that the yet-unborn kid would one day race snowmobiles with the very same number and graphics package? Dude!”

In this photo it is shown with a temporary seat pulled off a 2010 Arctic Cat Crossfire, but the machine will be on display with its original leopard print seat at the Waconia Vintage event (Jan. 30-31) in Waconia, Minn.

We’re told the unit won’t be in complete running order, and that the owner’s arm is completely wrecked from trying to start it. But the 340 Kawi engine did crack off on the when a little gas was squirted in the carb. We can’t wait to hear the complete story behind this rare Panther.

Monster Arctic Cat hood detail



  1. I dont know much about vintage sleds, but that sounds like a collectors item to me!! Kirk should sign that thing…Tucker too.

  2. Old sleds remind us of what we came from… I have fond memories of a 1978 Lynx ripping up the mountains in Unalaska AK… I went places not seen since WW2… hard to explain, and many would never understand, but the vintage rides deserve respect and preservation. Random? yes… unless you have the context I do… but that is another story.

    And by the way…

    If Mr. Hibbert rode this… it would have a few more “wear marks” lol
    cool idea tho,


  3. I think the red motor bike in the background of the Panther picture might have been a concept Arctic Cat Mini Bike from 1970?

  4. Tom, that red bike is a 1962 Polar Cub. Serial number 00001. The owner says he’ll sell this ultra rare bike for around $50K. A real steal. If you know anyone who likes rare, low serial-numbered Cats, let them know

    Compariably, I think the ultra-rare Hibbert race sled is a better deal at $450.


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