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Shot of the Day: Fashion or Snowmobiling?

Arctic Cat Puma PR photo.

When the advertising agency is told to hype the Puma, they know EXACTLY the kind of photo that will sell some sleds. Even if the photo makes zero sense.



  1. Early 70’s Puma, I had one, stuck all the time, had a ~110 inch track, steel cleats! Hmmm.. no wonder it was always stuck! Good looking sled tho.

  2. We sold these new. You had to stud the hell out of the track to get real traction. I have a bro who set his up with better clutching and crossover twin pipes off a 71 EXT. Once dialed in the sled was a ripper. He still has it. Drags it out for vintage races once in a while and its impressive still. So yea, as uncrated, not so much. Rob from the EXT parts bins and there’s potential in there. Lol. But it was best suited to smaller drivers, not much room and in deep snow-the Panthers broke trail.


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