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Smooth & Quiet! New Prowler Pro Side-by-Sides

2019 Prowler Pro XT from Textron Off Road

Prowler Pro XT

I’ve spent about 30 minutes on the new Prowler Pro models from Textron Off Road. While not enough time for a full-blown report, it was enough time to determine it’s absolutely the smoothest, quietest side-by-side I’ve had the pleasure to ride.

PERFECTLY smooth acceleration (no more whiplash) and deceleration!

So quiet that you can have normal (no shouting) conversation with the passenger while cruising off-road at 30 mph, both of you wearing full-face helmets.

No rattles, no vibrations.

Were I buying a side-by-side for general use, utility, plowing, hauling, hunting and light/average trail cruising, I’m not even thinking about another model. This is it.

Here’s what TOR has to say in their release:


Textron Off Road continues to innovate its off-road vehicle lineup with the introduction of the all-new, pure-utility 2019 Prowler Pro and Prowler Pro XT. Built in Thief River Falls, Minn. by the company known for precision engineering that fuels adventurers and hard workers all over the world, both models deliver quiet gas power and unmatched reliability for tackling the toughest jobs and handling the most-extreme hunts.

“Textron Off Road focused on the driver experience when developing the new Prowler Pro,” said John Collins, Vice President, Consumer for Textron Specialized Vehicles. “The legacy of Textron, a leader in design and production of combat vehicles, military helicopters and advanced marine craft trusted to keep our warfighters safe, has been built into this vehicle making it a formidable work partner.”

Whether its traversing farm fields, tending to livestock or pacing the thrill of the hunt, farmers and hunters appreciate a quiet vehicle. At the heart of the Prowler Pro is a 50-horsepower, whisper-quiet, 812cc EFI engine offering all the grunt needed to be a reliable work partner or haul big game. To complement the strong, silent engine, vibration-reducing engine mounts to minimize buzzing and harshness so the vehicle offers quiet power and performance. Prowler Pro also features a tuned exhaust utilizing a rubber isolator with the muffler to lessen exhaust noise.

Drive-by-wire throttle technology is matched by a carefully calibrated CVT drive system to provide ultra-smooth acceleration and off-gas deceleration. The drive-by-wire system is even programmed to compensate for unintended “foot bounce” on the gas pedal to maintain smooth power delivery when riding over rough terrain.

Prowler Pro offers a quiet ride experience and the comfort needed for tough tasks and long days. For a comfortable ride, the vehicle has 10 inches of front and 9.5 inches of rear suspension travel with 10.75 inches of ground clearance. The 26-inch Pro Terrain tires tackle rutted farm fields and the toughest hunting trails.

Its 2,000-pound towing capacity, 1,500-pound payload and 1,000-pound cargo box capacity allow implements and game to be towed or hauled with ease. For in-cab comfort, the vehicle features a three-person bench seat perfect for work applications, and tilt steering with a column shifter for easy and comfortable operation. Its customizable speed control allows the operator to easily set a maximum speed between 25-50 mph (in 1-km increments) to ensure that ranch and farm hands are utilizing appropriate speed on the job.

Whether hunting or farming, storage is essential, and Prowler Pro offers 17.95 cubic-feet of overall storage capacity. The vehicle also has a cargo box with 14.72 cubic-feet to haul plenty of gear or game. Its modular in-cab design allows for the removal of the passenger seats – which can be easily stored behind the driver’s seat – to free up additional storage space for oversized items. The behind-the- seat storage offers easily-accessible space for quickly needed gear, while smaller items such as gloves, tools and safety goggles can be stored in the spacious glove box. 

Reliability and serviceability are essential in the field or on the hunt, and Prowler Pro was developed to be a durable and easy-to-maintain work partner. Textron Off Road aggressively tested Prowler Pro for more than 1,000 hours to put the vehicle through its paces. The result is a tried-and-true work side-by-side that’s durable enough to withstand the harshest tasks and conditions. For ease-of-maintenance, the Prowler Pro has toolless service components with easy-access panels, so the vehicle can spend more time in the field or at hunt camp. 

For maximum versatility, Textron Off Road offers more than 50 custom-built, easily installed accessories including a truck-inspired cab, a heater kit, body protection, plows, gun scabbards and lighting. Accessory packages include “Geared-Up,” “Expedition” and “Decked-Out” which offer different roof, windshield, protection, lighting, and in-cab accessory options.

Textron Off Road offers the Prowler Pro with standard rack-and-pinion steering and 12-inch steel wheels in Marsh Green for $11,399 U.S. and $14,199 Canadian dollars.

The Prowler Pro XT comes in Dynamic Charcoal or Fire Red and includes electronic power steering and 14-inch machined aluminum wheels for $12,999 U.S. and $16,199 Canadian dollars. All vehicles are sold with a 12-month warranty and will be available in dealerships in May.

2019 Prowler Pro XT from Textron Off Road

Prowler Pro XT in Fire Red. The XT model gets machined aluminum wheels and power steering.


2019 Prowler Pro from Textron Off Road

2019 Prowler Pro (the base model). Regular rack steering and steel wheels. Otherwise all the goodies.



  1. I saw these 2 weeks ago when I toured the plant in TRF. Absolutely silent running. The manufacturing lines producing snowmobiles along with the forklifts in the plant made more noise. I commented to our tour guide that I thought these models were electric. One of the gray Prowlers pulled up next to us and parked. I placed my hand on the machine & it was like a fine automobile – while you could barely hear it running, there was absolutely NO vibration. The noise, vibration and lack of styling are the traits I most dislike about my current 2014 HDX – and TOR has upped the quality, overall appearance and rider comfort with this new machine. I will be visiting Thomas Sno Sports to pick out my Prowler model.

  2. Bulldog, good question.
    Since Textron purchased Weber motors and the Arctic Cat engine assembly plant one wonders “who’s motor is it?”

    I also wonder about clutching.
    TOR built, Team built?

    I like to know details.
    Lately I’ve walked into dealers and after little conversation can tell I know more about the product they are selling then they do

  3. The engine that’s in the new Prowler Pro is built by Chery. It’s the same engine that’s used in the Kawasaki FXR and FXT Pro models. It’s also used in the John Deere 825i line of SXS’s. I have test drove those new Kawasaki’s and they are a beautiful running unit. Very smooth and quiet. Chery is a Chinese company.

  4. wondering about the heat coming out of the dash, the stampedes and havocs are so hot, its miserable driving them.

  5. I agree Al; last 5 snowmobiles/ATV’s I have purchased have been built in TRF and have engines built in St Cloud.
    Textron, you want to sell to me? These are the requirements

  6. There’s just something about it that doesn’t fit in the prowler legacy, definitely doesn’t look like a cat, but then it isn’t a Arctic cat. Again, maybe it’s the shifter out of grandma’s Caprice wagon

  7. Textron had very little to do with this one.. Its the result of a deal between Arctic Cat, and Caterpillar. They had prototypes at the dealer show in MN feb 2017.
    The engine is smooth, quiet, and well proven.
    I’m happy to see them finally getting away from using atv engines in the SXSs

  8. Snopro is right. The prowler was all cat this is NOT.
    Why associate the prowler name on this full utility Textron machine.
    The last built prowlers were top of the game in the gap between sport and utility.

  9. Because Cat designed this machine before Textron bought them out Jeff. This is a FACT! Great idea on a quiet low vibration side x side. I have been waiting for a silent gas powered SXS and now I have one in my sites. Thank you Textron for completing the task of getting this to the market. My 700 XTX is just to damn noisy to enjoy.

  10. Geez grandma sorry, I remember you took me to summer camp in that Caprice and what about that time you let me take my girlfriend out on a date in that thing- never saw her again, but I did fit the jag in the back when the piston melted doing like 90. Wait… How did you know about this site? Is Textron off-road appealing to new customers?


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