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Sneak Peek! Arctic Cat Single-Ski Snow Vehicle

Arctic Cat SVX Single-Ski Snow vehicle shown at Hay Days.

In what was probably the biggest surprise of the event (and truly a sneak peek), Arctic Cat briefly unveiled a single-ski type snow vehicle at Hay Days this weekend.

It was just a tease, with VERY limited information and a VERY short cameo. The single ski machine appeared for about 1 minute atop the tailgate of the Arctic Cat truck before disappearing and remaining under wraps.

Here’s what Brad Darling, Arctic Cat VP/GM – Snowmobile, PG&A, and International Sales, said:

“Arctic Cat has been very forward with our company vision to deliver ‘The Ultimate Off-Road Riding Experience’. Keeping true to our commitment, a new snow vehicle was unveiled at Hay Days, providing a glimpse into the future.

“Together with Camso, we have been working over the past three years on a suspension system.

“It’s Arctic Cat’s goal to provide a new riding experience to a category of snow lovers that want the lightest, most affordable vehicle for mountain riding.

“Announcing the Arctic Cat SVX 450! You can expect further details in the coming months.”

Arctic Cat SVX Single-Ski Snow vehicle shown at Hay Days.

 I asked people from Arctic Cat if the 450 4-stroke engine is made by Yamaha. Arctic Cat isn’t saying who is building the engine. We will have to wait and see.


Arctic Cat SVX Single-Ski Snow vehicle shown at Hay Days.

Here’s what I can glean from the photos I shot:

-It’s a totally unique rear suspension, with what appears to be a single shock that’s mounted outside of the rail(s), rather than in the traditional location between the rails.

-There appears to be a cover over the rails, or perhaps just a single rail within the track.

-The machine has a single Arctic Cat ski.


The abundance of single-ski snowmobiles in various booths at Hay Days and the fact that Polaris purchased Timbersled this past spring suggests that this new market has the potential to rapidly expand.

As to when Arctic Cat will deliver more information about the new single-ski snowmobile, I can only guess. Let’s hope it’s soon, because this machine is dang exciting!

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  1. I’m 99% sure the bike is a Sherco 450.

    Google 2015 or 2016 Sherco 450 and compare the frame, plastic, tank and engine.

    Current Sherco 2 stroke owner just happened to notice it!

  2. I need that… haha

    There was an arctic cat patient awhile back for a skinny dual rail setup that looks alot like this skid setup that in the details talked about a flexiable edged track.. It looks like we know where thats being utilized. It’s going to be a game changer for sure with a purpose built snow bike right from the factory.

  3. I’m glad to see CAT jump out in front of the sled manufactures with this.
    I will bet in the next couple years there will be a Snow bike class on the ISOC series.

  4. Engineering dollars that was spent on this should have been used on snowmobiles and atv products. Can you say Chrysler sno runner or Yamaha sno scoot , AD Boivin snow hawk. Now had they had a new 800 ctec engine to show that would spur sales, not some old idea.

  5. Paul, While I agree with you, there is no denying the fact that these snow-bikes are becoming really popular especially out west. We will see if it is just a fad or a wave of the future.

  6. i can verify that this is indeed a Sherco 450, anyone around TRF has probably noticed a few of then ripping around the test track beside ac all summer… the 450 with fuel injection is a really strong motmore info can be found here on the bike itself…..

    the track is indeed a single center rail design cat has been playing with… there was 2 of these machines with Sherco decals on them last winter in northern mn and were late season testing in northwestern ontario as well, everyone was checking them out and were told they were just a add on kit on the bikes, these things will RIP trust me, expect to see them around xmas time 2015 to be released as 2017, unless the boys in poo ville down the road rush their stuff to market… with an outlaw derived motor in a aluminum frame …. time will tell

  7. Nice of arctic to start making a snow bike but it’s already been done and failed Chrysler snow runner and the snow hawk It has gone sideways! Polaris buying timber sled can’t see that going very far either! I might be wrong I would have preferred to see arctic building something for the street as Polaris and BRP are crushing sales with spiders slingshots victories and Indians!

  8. You guys this is the way of the future. I have been riding in Maine on dirtbikes and most of the state is closed to dirt bikes…. So last year I bought a 2 moto kit for my 450 and the entire state was open.these snowbike will hang with the mountain boys no problem!!!!since then I have sold the sleds and now am building a second bike.don’t nock it till after you ride it.PS. anyone in Maine want to check this out you won’t be disappointed

  9. I would like to see one of the manufactures come with a new revised Raider style sled with a removable top, One that is sporty, fast, and has good suspension.

    Tell me that wouldn’t be fun.

    We don’t all want to jump 100 feet through the air or climb to the summit.

  10. I have been ridding bikes for 55 years and I rode a timber sled on a yamaha bike last weekend and my prediction is this is the new toy of the future. I have 3 sleds and 5 bikes and have the kit on order. I found it to go to places a sled wont go, it was fast and agile and carved like a water ski. My hat off to Power Sports in Steamboat Springs Colorado for hosting half day rides and letting us put these bikes through their paces.. I would not replace my sleds but having a snow bike will let me go place a sled can’t go. What a blast and I am still smiling a week later. Can’t wait to get mine together.

  11. I’m 100% sure that the engine and chassis products Aprilia, plastics and motor are identical with Aprilia modelo SVX450.

  12. Sorry everyone in Minnesota, law says you have to buy an Arctic Cat. Can’t convert.

    The definition of a snowmobile is a self-propelled vehicle originally manufactured
    and designed for travel on snow or ice steered by skis or runners.
    Snowmobile does not include the following vehicles equipped with
    aftermarket ski and track configurations:
    ATV, OHM, ORV, Mini Truck, “utility task vehicle” (per MN statute 169.011) and any other vehicle being operated off road.

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