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Snow-Covered Arctic Cat

Winter at Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls. Photo by Mike Baker.

Winter returned to Arctic Cat yesterday, in a blowing, howling whiplash of weather that went from 40s and rain to 20s and snow. This is how Arctic Cat looks today, captured by Mike Baker.

The same storm coated a large swath of Minnesota, the Dakotas and parts of Manitoba and Ontario.

And the 10-day forecast says “winter,” with overnight lows that dip down into the low-teens and the possibility of more snow.

December…as it’s supposed to be! I’m hoping the same comes soon to everyone in snow country.

Carry on…



  1. Oh boy! “all the sleds are sitting in a row, just waiting for that first sign of snow!” every year i turn into a little kid about this time just waiting for it to happen! simple things in life are best!


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