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Snow Report for Feb. 9, 2019

Snow Report 2-9-19. Go snowmobiling if you can!

It’s a month later than I’d hoped, but Mother Nature is REALLY delivering the white stuff (and sustainable temps) for most of North America.

I’ll be out playing in it this weekend. Hope the same for you.

Righ Here if you’re looking for more detailed information at NOAA.



  1. Last week was in the 40’s to 50’s here, rain every day. The great base and trails we had for a whopping week and a half are gone. lawn is bare except for the remains of a few banks

  2. Sposed to just get pounded with snow here in Central Wisconsin this week! My 19 RR rides fantastic in crappy conditions, can’t wait to see what it can do in excellent ones!

  3. We rode 120 miles on decent trails last Friday in south eastern Wisconsin and by Monday it was down to dirt. Its snowing now and we are supposed to get a fair amount later this week, so hopefully it will be enough. Everything is super icy under the snow, so it could make for some interesting conditions. With any luck, we should have over a foot of new snow by the end of the week. Hopefully we can get the cold to stick around for a while before it warms up. The calendar is becoming our enemy in a hurry!

  4. Just had our annual fun run out in the Pinehurst area. There is so much snow out there right now and the riding is FANTASTIC! Do yourself a favor and go there. Best trails in Minnesota!

  5. Just rode yesterday from Crosslake to Backus and it’s the most snow I’ve ever been in around here.. snow was up to my headlights! Another possible 10 inches coming this week.

  6. Was up around TRF for the Goodridge/Grygla 500 this weekend, and there was so much snow that pro riders were getting stuck. Flipping awesome! If you like to snowmobile.. now is the time!

  7. Hopefully this winter helps all the manufacturers clear out some inventory. Take advantage of the great deals out there right now to upgrade your ride and then get after it!

  8. There is another website that is great with snow fall totals. My hometown Syracuse, NY area is number two in total for snowfalls this year behind Buffalo. Buffalo is number one this year with just 101 inches. Syracuse, at 85.

    I am not sure if it is allowed to list this website on here. but I can spell out the name. golden snow globe.

    It is very icy still and I fell down more this year ever than before. Its BAD! But good for doing donuts on a snowmobile.


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