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Snow Report: Who’s Riding?

Snow Cover in North America 2-3-15

Recent storms have dropped enough snow in certain areas to open up the first riding opportunities of the season. And the regions where snow has been on the ground are maintaining it.

The above map (from NOAA) of snowcover tells the story.

I’m headed to northern Wisconsin this weekend for my first significant riding of the season.

Are YOU going riding this weekend?



  1. I’m sure their’s alot of sledders out in northern Illinois as we got a good dumping over Sat/Sun. More snow projected very soon. Be safe & have fun in northern Wisco.

  2. Definitely riding this weekend…have also been doing some mid-week riding too.

    3,121 miles so far this season riding mainly in Manitoba, Ontario and northern Minnesota

  3. Only 3 rides so far,one day trip to Brule up and around the Pub n Grub area,went to Da UP for the first time ever stayed in Calumet….riding was perfect and just came back from a couple day trip to the Orr area and only pushing 1,000 miles… disappointing is that going into February!

  4. We had a good 10″ over the weekend with some high winds so the fields are still bare. If we are lucky enough to get the 2-4″ they are talking for tonight we may be good. Some of the trails in the area are open, but listed as poor condition. Hoping to add to my 100 mile total for the year. Be safe everyone, the traffic will be crazy!

  5. No snow, but trailering the 63 450 Cat and the 66 141 Cat to the access and riding to Crosslake “WInterfest” might get in almost 8 miles,,, but it will be riding! enjoy the snow if ya got it!

  6. 250 miles on in northern wisconsin this past weekend!! Need some snow but not to bad!! After riding a 14 xf 7000 a buddy of mine has I’m going to buy a crosstour 7000 this weekend!! Remember people snowmobiling is like sex,when it’s good it’s good,but when it’s bad it still ain’t that bad!!! Ride on!!!!!

  7. Party @ America’s Best Sled Park in Wakefield, MI this weekend with Matt “Tinger” Tingstad. Should be epic, talking a foot of fresh snow by Saturday!

  8. Wish I knew where to go in Black Hills after the heat wave and trail reports we were getting we cancelled our trip out. Been dismal at best so far in NW Ia. Laramie Wyo. Just got dumped on hard a bunch of my buddies leaving tomorrow. My job is not that flexible now hoping for march. Getting no miles right now.

  9. By chance you going to the Hall of Fame ride out of St. Germain, WI? Ya know I have tickets in the raffle…enjoy your weekend John!

  10. Finally have snow in CNY, rode 200 miles in the last 3 days, it’s a start. More miles this week end. Be safe, enjoy this time with family and friends.

  11. Like clockwork, RWS has already logged outstanding miles (despite such a lackluster winter). You inspire me, RWS!

    Love the snowmobiling-like-sex analogy from Scott. Hahahaha

    Brian: Yes, SHOF weekend for me beginning on Friday.

  12. Just got home from a 100 mile ride today, right out of my driveway here in Central Ontario.
    About 6″ of new snow fell over night. I’ve been lucky enough to ride 2-3 days a week for the last 3 weeks.
    John, Canada has all the snow come on over for a visit!!!


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