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SOUND SERIES: T/S Racing Prowler at Full Sing

Over the last week, just under 130,000 people viewed the ArcticInsider SOUND SERIES clip of Zach Herfindahl firing up his 93 ZR Mod on the Facepage. Here’s another one for you symphony of piston lovers. This time, its a T/S Racing Prowler Mod raced by Brian Sturgeon, and owned now by Zach Herfindahl.

Crank it up! And if you can muster up the effort, hit the old subscribe button on the ArcticInsider YouTube page. Thank you.



  1. Those straight pipes must ring. I noticed Zach didn’t have to plug his ears on the ZR mod. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming. Got any open class snocross mods?

  2. Hey Kale, how about a little history on where these older race sleds have been hiding? Zach wasn’t even born when they were out on the race track. Glad he is shaking the dust off of them!


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