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Team Arctic Competes On Busy Weekend – Enduro, Hillclimb and Snocross

ZR and Mountain Snowmobiles Share Plenty of Winning 

For the second weekend in a row, Team Arctic was busy chasing checkers in three different disciplines in three different states.

#21 Cadarette Racing

Enduro racers competed at the fourth and final round of MIRA Racing in Lincoln, Michigan. Cadarette Racing was the star of the 250-lap Pro Mod final again, finishing an impressive first (#21) and third (#1) on their Arctic Cat ZRs. 

Western mountain racers tackled the RMSHA hillclimb in Afton, Wyo., where Team Green claimed 7 class victories, one King title and 21 podiums. The names Archibald, Tapio and Tupper were repeated several times on the podium over the course of the weekend in several Improved and Modified classes. It was Riley Kincaid who had a milestone race weekend winning Semi-Pro Modified, then clinching the Semi-Pro King of Hill title.


Former hillclimb champ, and current Black Cats backcountry Pro, David McClure, posted to his social pages, a photo of Rob Kincaid’s son, Riley, with heart felt comment, “So stoked for Rileykincaid102 to get Semi-Pro King on a sled Jason Nethercott hand-built for RmR103!!” Nethercott was the ace wrench behind both McClure and Rob Kincaid’s hillclimb race snowmobiles. 

#43 Logan Christian 

Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety said, “Our hillclimb results continue to improve with each event especially in the improved and modified classes.  Cadarette Racing made it an exciting enduro season winning the last two events of the season. You just want to see more! The snocross podiums were not where we wanted them in Sioux Falls, but it wasn’t from a lack of effort and good racing / qualifying from many of our riders throughout the weekend.  As you can see by the tight points race in Pro and Pro Lite, there are many that can win at any time, and it’s very difficult to have a perfect day. It will be great to see them stretch their legs at a bigger track as we return to Elk River.”

 Next up, Team Arctic Cross Country racers in Park Rapids, MN, February 27-28 Snocross Racers in Elk River, MN, March 5-6.

Team Arctic Hillclimb Results Afton, Wyoming

Semi-Pro King of Hill

1. Riley Kincaid

Semi-Pro Stock

2. Landon Kula

3. Beau Richan

4. Daxson Zollinger

Junior 12-13

1. Aaron Tapio

2. Brody Zollinger

Semi-Pro Improved Stock

3. Beau Richan

4. Riley Kincaid

Amateurs Improved

3. Colton Irmen

Semi-Pro Modified

1. Riley Kincaid

5. Daxson Zollinger

Pro Senior Stock

2. Todd Tupper

Pro Master Improved

2. Kyle Tapio

3. Todd Tupper

4. Tony Zollinger

Pro Master Modified

1. Kyle Tapio

2. Tony Zollinger

5. Todd Tupper

Women Modified

4. Tiffany McWilliams

Pro Senior Modified

1. Todd Tupper

Pro 600 Improved Stock

1. Jeremy Archibald

3. Russ Tapio

Pro 700 Improved Stock

1. Jeremy Archibald

Pro 1000 Improved Stock

4. Kyle Tapio

Pro 600 Modified

2. Russ Tapio

5. Garth Kaufman

Pro 700 Modified

2. Russ Tapio

5. Garth Kaufman

Pro 900 Modified

1. Kyle Tapio

Pro Open Modified

2. Kyle Tapio

5. Garth Kaufman


Team Arctic Snocross Results Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sport Lite Friday

3. Kolton Krajicek

Pro Lite Friday

5. Anson Scheele

Junior 14-15 Saturday

4. Jesse Hallstrom

5. Jack Doty

6. Brady Black

Junior 16-17 Saturday

2. Tanner Zierden

4. Pacey Zandstra

5. Jack Doty

6. Gavin Hoefs

Sport Lite Saturday

2. Kolton Krajicek

Pro Am Plus 30 Saturday

2. Jacob Blanshan

5. Seth Engel

120 Champ Saturday

4. Owen Eide

Pro Saturday

6. Logan Christian

Stock 200 Saturday

1. Tristian Hinton

2. Aiden Beckmann

5. Trenton Peterson

Transition 8-10 Saturday

2. Owen Eide

3. Rylan Nelson

4. Zach Miller

Transition 9-13 Saturday

4. Brandon Martinson

Junior Girls 9-13 Saturday

1. Cerissa Blessum

2. Kendall Rose

5. Mady Anderson




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