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Stuck (by Cal Sandberg)

Cal Sandberg riding his Arctic Cat Z120. Photo by



By Calvin Sandberg

It was a very soft winter day with cold nipping at my cheeks. I ask my dad for the hundredth time if I could ride my new snowmobile and he finally said yes.

I was so excited I jumped for joy!

As he started it up, it started lightly snowing. After giving me a few simple directions it was finally time to ride.

After going around in a circle to the left for about 20 minutes, I tried a right hand corner. The ditch on one side of my yard is very steep and at the time it had a lot of tall, snowy grass with deep snow around it. I soon realized that I might crash into the grass.

When I did run into it, the snowmobiles engine was not powerful enough. When I pushed the throttle it sunk me deeper into the powder making me very stuck.

Cal Sandberg riding his Arctic Cat Z120. Photo by



  1. Cheeks pink, extreme excitement
    Snowing lightly
    Going fast, turning left
    Ditch appears
    Stuck in snow, wait for rescue
    Repeat forever

    (Sorry, bad poetry but I couldn’t resist)

  2. Lol! Great work from way back when you were a 5th grader Cal. I take a couple things away from this essay…you must have been under the influence of oval racing seeing that you spent so much time turning left…and…us snowmobilers start asking for a more powerful engine early on.

  3. You’ve got to be so proud that your young son has taken to the sport of riding like his Dad! I’m always encouraging my kids to take part in the sport by taking them out riding on snowmachines, quads and now with my oldest on a dirt bike.

    Motorsports certainly isn’t the cheapest hobby a guy can get his kids into but it is so rewarding! I love that any time I get ready to go riding my 4 yr old is always begging to go and ride on the tank. It’s kind of hard when I can’t take her when I’m going out with my buddies or just going out for a rip after work. Spring time in Alaska is the best riding in the world!


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