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Super Man! Blair Morgan Video

Hard to put into words how happy I am to watch this video of my friend Blair Morgan.

Super. Man.



  1. Very nice to see him doing well for himself, given his unfortunate incident.

    Very inspirational and proud of him!

    I’ll never forget meeting him and Tucker at snocross in Winnipeg. Both took the time to sign my son’s and my Arctic Cat leather jackets.

    I’ll treasure it forever!

  2. Great video tribute! Love it! Blair will always be Superman! I had the honor of meeting Blair and his mechanic, Barry Dawson at the Brainerd snocross race back in 1998. Genuine guys.

  3. It’s a debate between who was a better sno-cross racer: Tucker or Blair. So fun to watch either or them.

    But one thing is not a debate: Blair Morgan inspired many of us. He is the real deal.

    Thank you Blair for all that you do!

  4. Wow, what a great tribute! Blair turned a lot of heads back in the day. It is safe to say he started the rider forward revolution. I see Mr. Anseeuw is also wheel chair bound. How was he injured?

  5. There was a nice story in the local Buy’n’Sell last week on Blair’s return to X Games on the snow bike and the local Ski-Doo dealer picking up and refurbing one of his old race sleds. It’s always nice to see some good news.


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