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With Fargo National Snocross Rounds 1 & 2 completed, Team Arctic’s All Finish Racing Team ended the weekend on a high note. With below zero temperatures, high wind, and low visibility, Pro racer, Dan Benham (#221), ended the weekend on the podium with a 3rd place finish, besting his Saturday night performance just shy of the podium in fourth. Benham and his Arctic Cat / All Finish Racing ZR6000R SX leave the weekend tied for third in the National Points standings. You can catch Rounds 3&4 in Shakopee, MN on January 13-14.

Pro Dan Benham (#221)
In the bummer category, All Finish Racing Pro Rider, Jacob Yurk (#727), sustained a knee injury in Friday’s practice session, and its undetermined at this time how long he will be out for the season. Yurk meets with a specialist this week and next steps for recovery will be determined.
Anson Scheele (#44 Pro Lite)

In the Pro Lite class, Anson Scheele laid down a solid performance with a 6th place finish on Saturday in a ridiculously full class of competitors. Scheele is a front running contender with plenty of moxy and speed and will be on the box in no time. Currently sitting 7th in the points race, Scheele is within a couple points of breaking the top five.

SIDENOTE: For me (Kale) personally, this Pro Lite class is a head-scratcher. In the PRO class, there are barely enough rider numbers to fill it, but Pro Lite has roughly 429 entrants (exaggeration). Where I really scratch my head, the Pro Lite racer who swept the field this weekend in Fargo, also won the Pro Lite championship last year. I’m not clear (truly) why that racer doesn’t have to move up to Pro? Maybe someone here can educate me on the rules for moving classes without stirring the pot or throwing sh*t at competing brands. (That’s not my intent) Regardless, this will be an interesting class to watch this season and you’ll be getting a view of what the next bumper crop of Pro class riders will look like in the near future.



  1. I think as long as he stays healthy, Lebel will do doubt clinch another Pro Lite title this year. Personally, I have no problem with him staying down as he’s still only 17. Plus, if you’re Skidoo, you already have a title threat and a ton of podium guys in Pro already so there’s no NEED for him up there. For a long time, similar to moving from 250 to 450 in supercross, the risk was always if you move up too quickly then you can’t go back. With the new rule this year that you’re aloud to move back down from Pro to Pro Lite, I’m hoping it encourages more riders to at least give it a shot.

  2. Robbie Malinoski said on the live stream the biggest reason Lebel hasn’t moved up to Pro is his age (17). With Yurk out, Benham is the only Cat rider in Pro. He didn’t have the best starts last weekend, but is very talented and can make passes. Fun to watch. If they get his sled dialed in, he will be a contender for the top at every race.

  3. Glad to see that racers have their Zr 600r sx. I’d like to know where my Zr 6000 rxc is. Here we are in the northeast with snow and great early ridding conditions with no snowmobile! The whole idea for early orders was not to have this issue but here we are waiting for delivery. I am not the only one who is disappointed. This really makes me wonder what 24 will bring.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but just this morning on FB that Boss Racing has switched back Doo for snocross due to many issues with their crop of AC ZR 6RSX race sleds? But Trent is still on Cat’s? Please clarify


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