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Team Arctic Proves Depth at 2015 Canterbury Snocross

Team Arctic sweeps Sport #1 at 2015 Canterbury snocross. Photo by

Team Arctic swept the Sport #1 podium at Canterbury 2015. L-to-R: Dan Benham, Montana Jess and Jay Lura. Congrats guys!

Press Release-


Victory in Eight Classes Proves Team Green Wins More in Shakopee, Minn.

Team Arctic proved their depth and excellence at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minn., winning 8 of 16 classes and capturing 18 of 48 podium finishes at the third stop of the 2014-2015 ISOC National Snocross tour. In a stunning display of class leadership and ZR 6000R SX excellence, Team Green captured victory in both Pro Lite finals and both Sport finals in addition to sweeping the podium in Sport and Transition.

Team Arctic's Corey Watkinson won Pro Lite #1 at 2015 Canterbury SX. Photo by

Corey Watkinson won Pro Lite #1.

Corey Watkinson and Tyler Adams each scored their first respective win in Pro Lite, with Watkinson taking the win on Friday and first-year Pro Lite racer Adams taking the win on Saturday. Their solid finishes launch them straight into the season-long championship title chase. Montana Jess did the double at Canterbury, taking both Sport class wins along with a commanding lead in the point chase.

Tyler Adams won Pro Lite #2 at 2015 Canterbury Snocross. Photo by

Tyler Adams won Pro Lite #2.

Other Team Arctic class winners at Canterbury Park included Trent Wittwer (Amateur), Ryley Bester (Jr. Novice), Brandon Nelson (Transition) and Tucker Haala (Champ 120).

In the Pro Open class, Team Arctic’s Tucker Hibbert fell just shy of scoring his 100th Pro National victory, taking a second and fourth during the weekend while extending his point lead and earning top-qualifier honors both days. He was joined by the next top qualifier, Logan Christian, who scored a 5th and 10th respectively.

“Our team proved their depth across the entire range of classes,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “To win half of all finals – including sweeping the Pro Lite and Sport classes – highlights the skill and dedication of our racers and teams, as well as the strength of our consumer-based ProCross race chassis.” 

The next stop on the 2015 ISOC National tour is Jan. 30-31, 2015, at in Deadwood, SD, following the ESPN X Games on Jan. 25.




Team Arctic Results from 2015 ISOC National in Shakopee, Minn.

Pro Open #1

4. Tucker Hibbert

5. Logan Christian

8. David Joanis

10. Cody Thomsen


Pro Open #2

2. Tucker Hibbert

10. Logan Christian


Pro Lite #1

1. Corey Watkinson


Pro Lite #2

1. Tyler Adams



3. Chris Heppding

Sport #1

1. Montana Jess

2. Dan Benham

3. Jay Lura


Sport #2

1. Montana Jess


Amateur #1

2. Trent Wittwer


Amateur #2

1. Trent Wittwer


Junior 14-15

3. Brandon Lind


Jr. Novice 10-13

1. Ryley Bester

2. Eric Downs


Transition 8-12

1. Brandon Nelson

2. Brayden Kernz

3. Raycer Frank


Champ 120

1. Tucker Haala

2. Maverick Woyke



  1. I was hoping Hibbert would win his 100th but I guess the stars were not aligned for him. But he did prove that he is the man for coming back within a few meters of winning Saturday night’s event. What is it with Hibberts bad starts anyways, even cat as a whole gets bad starts? I knew he would get pinched when he lined up for Saturday night main event. He would have been better off lining up to the inside. But give credit were credit is due, Tucker outraced everyone that night. I am really glad that Kyle won his first Pro Open event.

    Next time Tucker will sure get his 100th and 101th pro finals wins. Well here’s to his 8th straight Gold medal in the upcoming X-Games.

  2. Kirk Hibbert and his son Tucker are freaks of nature. It’s why they are among the greatest snowmobile racers of all-time.

    However, both have poor-start DNA, something on the Y chromosome. The good news is, this hasn’t prevented them from winning. And it’s added the most compelling drama to WATCHING races.

  3. I know the Poo boys have lightened up the crank, etc. on their 600 race sled to give better holeshots, but did Cat do the same thing?

    I still have videos (VHS) of the old WSA snocross days and even then the Cats had somewhat bad holeshots but made up for the in terms of overall top end performance.

    Picking your start lines is always a game of chance. GO CAT GO!!!

  4. There is nothing more fun than WATCHING Tucker race…no matter how he starts….he is THE show. No one does what he does…if he wins, or falls off, he is the show. Flipping outstanding!!!


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