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Whether you do, or don’t, follow the cross-country racing circuit at COR Powersports, you’ll most likely find this exciting. Saturday, Team Arctic’s David Brown, raced the all-new 2024 ZR 600 RXC (stock) in the Pro Open class at Walker, Mn. For an old school Arctic Cat race fan, I can’t tell you how much this excited me to see this sled out on the track! Race testing before production is a great thing for all of us!

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David Brown (#17) will pilot this stock 2024 ZR 600 RXC in today’s Pro Open class.
Zach Herfindahl will be racing his 2023 Pro Open mod (R)
All reports Ive received, David Brown looked really good on the new RXC, but attrition rate in Open class was highest of the year. Only four racers finished on Saturday, but none of them would be Team Arctic.
Sunday was a new day and Team Arctic collected themselves. David Brown raced strong and placed third in Pro Stock
In Pro Stock final, it was (L-R) Zach Herfindahl (1st), Justin Tate and David Brown (3rd). The next COR Powersports race is scheduled for March 4-5 in Naytahwaush, Mn.


  1. I’m thinking that it will take some time to get the catalyst optimized for racing, and a stock engine will have quite a disadvantage against mods, so a solid finish would be great. I appreciate Cat putting the Catalyst on the starting line, though. It shows they have a lot of faith in it.

    • Yeah, It was too bad, but thats XC racing. The course was a tough one for attrition. 6 of 10 racers DNFd including Revering (Polaris). I always enjoy Justin Tate’s interviews…he was asked how the track was, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh? [thinks] Today’s track is, ahhhhhhhhh, [thinks more] Today’s track is a little sketchy.” It’ll be interesting to follow Pro Stock Sunday.

        • We were at the race Saturday. Sounded like Brown was struggling with track de-railing issues. Sleds being raced were 137’s and Ben’s sled had E-start. Assume Brown’s did too but can’t say with 100 confidence.

          Track was high speed with lots of square edge off angle drifts. At the start of the race the sun was out but part way through the clouds rolled in and the light went flat. Lens color played a factor and if I’m not mistaken a couple drivers switched colors in the fuel stop.

          Exciting to see the boys out shaking the new buggy down in the open class like the days of old. The only way to establish a true base line for racing is to race.

  2. Bob+Klapperich: The Catalyst only ran in the Pro Open race on Saturday. Sunday’s race was Pro Stock and the Catalyst sled did not run since it doesn’t comply.

  3. Where is Cat’s marketing team? Not a single post about the lineup on Facebook or Insta. Is it that hard to communicate with your customers?

  4. Kale,
    Do you have any info or a picture of how and where the Garmin Tread will mount to the Catalyst Chassis? Thinking about ordering one but have seen no pictures of mounting location.


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