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Team Arctic’s Glenn Hall is Recovering from Injuries

Glenn Hall on his Outlaw Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo at the 2011 Hay Days

Team Arctic Cat drag racer Glenn Hall

Team Arctic drag racer Glenn Hall suffered a major injury while testing at the recent Sno Baron’s Hay Days grass drags.

During a practice run, the Gordon, Wis., rider had blasted down the straight on his Outlaw-class Z1 Turbo, the skis dangling in the air. But when the skis planted toward the end of his run, he inadvertantly vered into a fence at what observers estimated to be around 120 mph.

According to Dave Meneely of Black Jack Racing:

Hall has a disjointed knee and tendon damage, which doctors predict will need a long recovery. He will have surgery on the knee when the swelling reduces.

His pinky finger was severed but repaired, and he is still waiting on confirmation on the status of shoulder from his doctors.

“He was good spirits [today] and wanted to know what his E.T. and mph were,” Meneely said.

Meneely said there are no life threatening injuries and some fractured ribs were resolved. Doctors said the plan is to release him in two days.



  1. That explains why his name wasn’t listed in the winners circle for any of the finals since he is such a great competitor.

    I hope his recovery is as fast as his mph on the track!!

  2. D&D Racing is having a Rapid Recovery Fund for Glenn. Anyone interested, contact Dan or Dale at D&D, 315-376-8013. All Proceeds go towards Glenns recovery. Tickets are $100 each and there are many prizes being raffled off from Stud Boy, Supreme Tool, D&D, and others. There anly 150 tickets being sold!


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