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TECH TIP: Upgrading Your Blast ZR for Competition

Ive always been a believer racing drives innovation and fast-tracs engineering development. Some of you competing with the Blast in snocross have contacted me regarding the tunnels bowing near the spars underneath the seat.


In defense of Arctic Cat engineering, first and foremost the Blast wasn’t designed to be raced from the factory. It was built to be a right-sized trail ripper with an affordable price. Race sleds are spendy for a reason when you add increased bracing, high end shocks etc etc. Again, that was not the goal for the Blast.

Diesen Racing and their Blast ZRs

That said, I cant blame anyone for wanting to race these. Hell, after the second Blast was built, someone was already thinking about racing it against the first one – they are downright smile makers.

Diesen Racing has been working with the Race Department, and shared photos of some steel tunnel braces engineering designed to test for racers. If testing goes well, and tunnel braces are produced, they will most likely be an aluminum finished product and Ill share that information at the proper time.

Inside Look at prototype tunnel braces for Blast tunnel

Outside Look at tunnel after installing braces

In addition, if you would like to upgrade the shocks in your Blast, Ive included a list of Part #s below for several options to consider. Contact your dealer to order and pricing. 

Blast shock upgrades all arctic cat gas IFP shocks

SKI SHOCKS pn#3703-376 =10% stiffer

FRONT ARM pn#3704-533 = same stiffness 

 2704-681 Rear Arm Shock

REAR ARM pn# 2704-681 = 10% stiffer
REAR ARM pn# 2704-987= 50% stiffer (this is stock shock for 2019 ZR 3000/6000/7000)

Heavy-Duty Torsion Springs for Blast

REAR HEAVY-DUTY TORSION SPRINGS – pn# 3704-942 and 3704-943 = 14% stiffer



  1. We’ve got two Blast ZRs. A little over a thousand miles each and have seen no issues in tunnels. We experienced the engine issues and seriously appreciate you sharing the penny information for clutch. Both run great and hover at 7500 RPM.

  2. Too bad this posting went unnoticed Kale. Polaris and Ski-Doo must have been launching new products that week. So, when are they going to drop a 600 in one without e-start or reverse, put on the wider front end, a 128/129 skid some IFP’s, a bit of chassis bracing and bring back a fun and affordable Sno Pro ? Heck, it might even make a good MIRA and oval sled?

    Pretty simple recipe really, and they already have all the ingredients. Seems like someone needs to remind them they just need to take a peek in their own cookbook.

    At some point they are going to get sick of me asking and ‘just do it’.

  3. Reverse wouldn’t add any weight or cost so that can stay. I am a strong proponent that cad needs to offer sleds again without e-start for multiple reasons, they are shooting themselves in the foot here, it is so aggravating.
    But what you’re asking for is basically a zr6000, without e-start. Change my mind.


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