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TGIF: The Friday the 13th (June 2014) Edition

TGIF the 13th and the Ski-Doo folks are on the prowl

I’m thankful that the freaks and ghouls weren’t real, and that it was only a movie.

I’m thankful (and hopeful) the nightmares will soon cease and life will be back to normal.

And I’m thankful it’s Friday the 13th, June 2014.



  1. Wow, what is the date of that photo / SciFi fashion statement on some extraordinary vintage machines . Very futuristic for its time .

  2. To Lesia,I read your note with sadness .you may not rmeember me, but I’m a fresh graduate of GB from the baking program (you interviewed me for externship, but unfortunately I didn’t get the job!). I’ve been a Facebook fan of yours for quite some time. I took a GF baking course at your store about a yr ago, and I have to say, the recipe that you gave us for chocolate cupcakes was truly the best GF product I’ve ever had. I hope in future you find a way to stay in that niche, as those that are gluten intolerant need great bakers like you. I admire your courage and share your passion for food and the desire to leave a better world for our children. I hope you let all your fans and followers know where you will begin anew.All the best to you,Linda

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