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TGIF: The June 22, 2018 Figure Skating Edition

Figure skater Nancy Kerrigan with an Arctic Cat Pantera.

I’m thankful for the protective quality of leather and it’s ability to withstand repeated knee-beatings with a baton.

I’m thankful I can escape the drama and intrigue of Olympic life and just go out for a rip with my buds.

I’m thankful the Pantera has a 2-up seat for riding with my friends (not Tonya).

And I, Nancy Kerrigan, am thankful it’s Friday, June 22, 2018.



  1. Darcy says “Beav, you can take Nancy.” A couple weeks later my office phone rings, it’s a woman on the other line who says “Hi, this is Nancy Kerrigan.” I replied “Ya, right” thinking it was a joke. It actually was her, she needed to return some sleds and pick up her Tigersharks. So I made it happen and she gave me tickets to watch her skate in Fargo.


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