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TGIF: The October 28, 2016 Get-’em-Running Edition

TGIF, vintage sleds and the jack-wads at

I’m thankful that, when it was time to park the sleds for the summer, Elmer was careful to take care of his precious fleet.

I’m thankful that vintage top deck systems are dang cool and badass (just like vintage snowmobiles).

I’m thankful that all these sleds will “run on spray,” and that they’ll be ripping along nicely just as soon as the snow flies.

And I’m thankful that I rose from my slumber on this, Friday October 28, 2016.



  1. The one on the top between the ’65 Chalet and the Fox Trac has me stumped. Looks like it says “Prowler” on the hood. My truck doesn’t have the patina of the one in the picture above, sorry.


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